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  1. Hi I have rclone Mounted on my unraid and would like to sync selective files from cloud account to my unriad server not the everything is i don't have the space to store them locally. How can i do this in easy way Preferably with a GUI? thank you
  2. thank you all for the answers
  3. sorry you are correct plugins or Docker. I wanted to install rclone and found both which would be a better choice?
  4. thanks everything has been set up perfectly. Quick question is it better to use apps or dockers which would be better to use?
  5. thank you for the quick reply. do i need to change the usb ?
  6. hi i have used Unraid from 2017 for a couple of years then I moved to Synology and now moving back to Unraid and have a few questions: 1- I have the USB drive of my Unraid how do I install the last version and reset the configurations I want to set up everything like new 2- Are there any major changes or tutorials I should read before jumping back in. Thank you
  7. I found out that the Intel xeon processor would not make a big difference and the cost will be too much. with it if I upgraded my unriad server and keep my game system as it is how much will the cost be do you think and will it be best to go with intel or Amd ? thank you for your time to help
  8. the problem is the i5-4590 has only 4 Cores im using 2 for Unraid and will use 1 for each vm so there is no room to go forward is there an intel xeon for the LGA 1150 that would be worth the cost ?
  9. would it be worth it in the end our will the cost be too much
  10. Hello I have the following systems I would like to know if it's better to merge both of them in one system or sell one or both of them to get a AMD Ryzen or Intel system that will have more CPU cores I will be using the system with 3 VMS one for me for gaming with passthrough 1070 GTX and 2 VMs is for normal desktop use with passthrough 710 GT one i have now and will get soon. All of the 3 Vms will be on most of the time, plus I’m trying to add mac os vm for testing. So that means I would need 3 graphics cards to be in the system plus the graphics card for the unraid system since AMD Ryzen don’t have built in GPU. also i have 8 Dockers running and plex Docker transcending for users 3 but not all the time. Here are the two systems that I have already. Unraid system: M/B: MSI - H97M-G43(MS-7924) CPU: Intel Core i5-4590 Memory: 16 GB (2*8) Hard Drives: 5 + 1 SDD graphics card:710 GT Case: Fractal design node 804 Gaming System: M/B: Asus MAXIMUS VII HERO CPU: Intel Core i7-4790K Memory: 16 GB (4*4) Hard Drives: 1 + 1 SDD graphics card:1070 GTX Case: Fractal design R5 My question is it worth it to merge one of the systems together or to sell both of them and get a more powerful system I have been using Unraid for more than 1 year and it's been great I would like to advance what I am doing with it.