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  1. You can use sas2flash to set a sas address you can just make one up 😊
  2. Depending what HBA you got, you might get better throughput using the on board. This too :-)
  3. Hey Siebenth, I'm not 100% sure you can flash the D2607 using only DOS, as you need to use the Modified EFI sas2flash to get the card flashed. I wonder if its the same for the D2616 -A12. I hope you still have a backup of the original SBR.
  4. Does the below commands till find the SAS card? megacli -adpallinfo -aall Also do you not have a UEFI enabled computer at all? Some people have machines where they just can't flash sas cards at all, even using DOS or EFI shell. I've think I've read people flashing D2607 with DOS but I think UEFI is required.
  5. Should just work then. Plug a HDD in and then, see if appears unraid. If it does boom working.
  6. Not sure, whats happening there. Could try restore defaults on Motherboard but I guess it won't do anything. Very odd.
  7. My AM3 system was a M5A97 so bios update could do the trick. Its not over clocked is it?
  8. Hey, Its very odd how it doesn't work in the Asus Motherboard. You could try updating the BIOS. Some boards can act differently on the PCI Card side of things. I tried my D2607 on 3 different ASUS boards and they always work AM1, AM3 and a Intel 1156. I do most of my flashing with a AM1 Asus board. Try the bios update and see if that helps. What board you using? Also did you try different slots?
  9. When the PC boots do you see the drives when the raid card starts? I've seen these D2607 cards have issues on the OS level where they won't start. Add the following to your Linux kernel boot parameters pci=realloc=off Looks from the kernel Version your running UNRaid 6.1, I would update your install to the latest 6.3.3. to get the Latest Kernel and Driver for the SAS cards. You can find more info here on the bug in the Linux Kernel, it may be on the Ubuntu bugs report but Linux Kernel is the issue what causes this - https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1363313
  10. Try this moffied SBR if it doesn't work try the A21 SBR. Had that work on A11 cards before now. O-SBR.BIN I would show you output but, I don't have one free to use. Also make sure the card is the the first PCI slot. EDIT: https://marcan.st/2016/05/crossflashing-the-fujitsu-d2607/ That site might help you also.
  11. Just go in to the 5_LSI_P20 Folder and do sas2flash.efi -l flogP20.txt -o -f 2118it.bin -b MPTSAS2.ROM no need to start from the beginning.
  12. I've add some script files to the method speed up the process. Updated Files - https://mega.nz/#!bp1lwAwZ!qrQics2qslPxCRFSI7pCaL-JECCauM_xqp00GQPloSg MIRROR - http://www93.zippyshare.com/v/BqbeVa7Y/file.html Steps Create DOS USB using RUFUS and copy these files to the USB. GUIDE Each task has 2 commands you can do. The first one saves you typing the commands by using script/bat files. Recommendations Unplug all drives but the USB, helps with the EFI shell bit Plug D2607 in to the first x16 slot, even if it means unplugging another card, had systems where you could only flash it if it was in the first slot. Boot the USB in non UEFI mode. (DOS) Then do the following commands Get SAS Address of the card 1.BAT or megacli -adpallinfo -aall | find /i "sas address" > sas_addr.txt Backup SBR incase we need it. We probably wont though. Needed if you get stuck. 2.BAT or megarec -readsbr 0 O-SBR.bin Clean Flash the card. If the command fails to flash, just keep trying it until it completes. Can take 10+ attempts 3.BAT or megarec -cleanflash 0 Flash SBR for A11 or A21 - Just change the number in the command for the card you doing. 4-21.BAT or megarec -writesbr 0 SBR-A21.bin Clean Flash the card 5.BAT or megarec -cleanflash 0 Reboot in to UEFI shell on the usb Some motherboards you can go into the boot menu and do the UEFI option for the USB stick, best to check out in the manual or online. Your mount point for your USB might not be FS0, could be FS1, FS2 and so on. Either unplug all drives so it's just the USB drive or, when the EFI shell starts it prints the drives it see's in yellow, you might be able to work it out from there. Once booted in to EFI Shell, do the following commands Change to USB fs0: Flash IT Mode Firmware 6.NSH or sas2hax -o -f 2118it.p20.bin It will error about it can't reset the adapter, don't worry its normal. Reboot and then boot the UEFI on the usb again Do the following commands fs0: Now we Flash IT Mode Firmware again 7.NSH or sas2hax -o -f 2118it.p20.bin -b mptsas2.p20.rom Get SAS Address we saved 8.NSH or type SAS_ADDR.TXT Set SAS Address of the card. Change the address to the one that got printed out. sas2hax -o -sasadd 5003005700dbf920 Reboot the USB in non UEFI mode. (DOS) Do the following commands Flash SBR for A11 or A21 - Just change the number in the command for the card you doing. 4-21.BAT or megarec -writesbr 0 SBR-A21.bin Notes: Making up a SAS address is fine, just make sure you don't flash two cards with the same address. You can find more help cross flashing the D2607 card here. He made the sas2hax application. https://marcan.st/2016/05/crossflashing-the-fujitsu-d2607/ I add no -noreset when I was flashing some card but seems to cause issues, so I left it without. Had to reboot twice when ever I did it, not sure why though. Orignal post: https://forums.lime-technology.com/topic/12114-lsi-controller-fw-updates-irit-modes/?do=findComment&comment=522038
  13. Yeah it always fails to reset, you just had to reboot back into DOS.
  14. Thanks for the info I'll try doing the cleanflash before on the set next of cards I'm getting. If it works well, I'll update my guide post I've had a few cards were sbr-a11.bin and sbr-a21.bin didn't get the second sas port working on a A21 Card. I created a sbr-a31.bin as it were, which has a different value set in the SBR, which got these two card, I had an issue with working. I'm going to add that SBR to the Fix guide if it happens again.