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  1. yeah also on 6.8.3. i'll give other endpoints and maybe qbittorrentvpn a shot too
  2. Would that mean these ports are likely blocked on the tracker end?
  3. Ah interesting. I switched to wireguard and it didn’t make a difference, but I haven’t tried different servers. (I’m using CA Toronto)
  4. Hi All, Been continuing to battle this. It is randomly cycling, some days torrents will download, other days will not connect to any seeders (these are generally just public trackers, RARBG etc.). The only thing I can point to is the listening port that randomizes. For example, it wasn't working when set as follows. I then restarted the container, and it started working again, and the listening port was defined as follows I don't know/understand enough about these ports to know what makes one work vs another. Any tips on how I could fix this in settings to it is no longer seemingly rolling a dice? Thanks!
  5. What did you do? I’ve been having the issue too and never quite solving it.
  6. Great, thank you for clarifying that. This actually worked... had rebooted unraid a day ago and reinstalled the container, but restarting the container got the torrents seeding again. Is this a setting somewhere? (scheduling stop/paused time), I don't have any recollection of turning that on.
  7. Hi All, Hoping for another tip here. Running with PIA & openvpn, I am able to connect to the webui, but am unable to connect to any seeders. This has happened on and off for the past week or so, has mysteriously fixed itself a couple times without me intervening then reverted to this problem. Not sure if its an AUTH problem, but I don't see anything in the logs to point that way. Log attached. Thanks! supervisord.log
  8. Hello, Racking my brain here and hoping for some help. Have been running this container for several years now using PIA, and since the nextgen switch, I haven't been able to get it working consistently. Have read back several pages and implemented everything in the faq (Q19 and 22). The part that has me puzzled is that I'll make a change (say reinstall the container fresh), and the webui will work fine. I come back to it a day later and it doesn't work anymore. This has happened a few times for different fixes. Last night it wasn't working, the logs looked like this: Then at 4AM exactly, it booted up and worked fine as shown in the attached log that shows this transition from before and after 4am. (without me doing anything) I feel like I'm missing something obvious here. Any help would be greatly appreciated! If it helps, my ovpn file looks like this (I added the lines in from Q22 of the faq): supervisord.log