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  1. Hello guys, Recently I upgraded my 250GB SSD cache drive to an 1TB NVME drive. The system was working wonderfully with the previous drive but I got a decent deal on the NVME drive. Since switching to the NVME driver my system has been a wreck. Some data got loss (this one was 100% my fault) but also system performance hasn't been that great. Unpacking on sabnzbd has slowed down significantly but the biggest problem is that Everytime the mover runs it causes the system to slow down to the point where dockers stop working and sometimes it just freezes the entire system to where a hard reboot is required. Does anyone have an idea what might be causing it ? The system specs are the following. System Overview Unraid system:Unraid server Plus, version 6.8.2 Model:Custom Motherboard:Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. - AX370-Gaming K5-CF Processor:AMD Ryzen 7 1700 Eight-Core @ 3 GHz HVM:Disabled IOMMU:Enabled Cache:L1 - Cache = 768 kB (max. capacity 768 kB) L2 - Cache = 4096 kB (max. capacity 4096 kB) L3 - Cache = 16384 kB (max. capacity 16384 kB) Memory:16 GB (max. installable capacity 256 GB) DIMM 1 = 8192 MB, 2133 MT/s DIMM 1 = 8192 MB, 2133 MT/s Network:eth0: 10000Mb/s, full duplex, mtu 1500 eth1: not connected eth2: not connected Kernel:Linux 4.19.98-Unraid x86_64 The NVME in question is a sabrent SB-ROCKET-1TB B07LGF54XR. If there's anything else you guys need me to post please feel free to ask. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  2. I had the same problem and solved it by disabling cache assets and block common exploits.
  3. Having the same problem. I can see the header for the website. Also if I click inspect source I see all the code for the website but its just blank. Only tautulli works. Sonarr/Radarr/Hydra2/Bitwarden none work. Just blank website. Also if I enable login in forms they show up but after that it's blank again.
  4. to use Deezloader? nope, you just download it and thats it.... works like a champ, and I like my offline, adless music thats why I rather download it, and deezloader has been so damn perfect..
  5. look it up... its a totally legit business lol...
  6. it uses the Deezer API and pulls the files from deezer all at 320kbps quality... at least for the music I have downloaded. But thats why Deezer sent them the cease and desist thing because the program somehow leeches off deezer.
  7. its not dead I assure you... I been using it for about 3 months with no problems... the original maintainer dropped it but someone else picked it up.... try it yourself you want. You can find the download link on a youtube video by Wolfozzo that shows up when you search "deezloader"...
  8. I can't find this, can you link?
  9. and how do you install it on unraid?
  10. Deezloader is a app to download music, from the looks of it theres a way to run a server for this app, would it be possible to get a docker container for it?... Title of the video involving the server is "DOWNLOAD FREE MUSIC ON ANDROID WITH DEEZLOADER".... I don't want to link directly to it.