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  1. *UPDATE* Changed Machine Type to Q35-2.12 as suggested from @Karatekid and the issue is now gone. Everything seems to work just fine, with the GPU as a multifunction device and the ASM2142 USB 3.1 Host Controller PCI card, passed through. Next step is to test the new PCI card, a WTXUP for Broadcom BCM94360CS2 Wifi and Bluetooth card that works natively with Mac OS and brings all the features of a Mac PC to Hackintosh like Airdrop and Continuity. I'll keep you updated for any changes regarding the original subject as I'm testing it through the next weeks. Thanks again
  2. Hi guys, Hope you are all well and healthy. I have finally found some time (now with the COVID-19 we all have more free time in our hands ) to test the boot parameter "pcie_no_flr=1022:149c,1022:1487" . VM restarts without crashing the Server. *VICTORY* BUT after the VM restarts, it doesnt recognise the ASM2142 USB 3.1 Host Controller PCI card. In order to make it work again i have to restart the server. The system log: Mar 22 13:02:17 Tower avahi-daemon[11015]: Joining mDNS multicast group on interface veth0cef2f5.IPv6 with address fe80::a4ad:faff:fe5b:dd4. Mar 22 13:02:17 Tower avahi-daemon[11015]: New relevant interface veth0cef2f5.IPv6 for mDNS. Mar 22 13:02:17 Tower avahi-daemon[11015]: Registering new address record for fe80::a4ad:faff:fe5b:dd4 on veth0cef2f5.*. Mar 22 13:02:18 Tower avahi-daemon[11015]: Joining mDNS multicast group on interface veth11e7458.IPv6 with address fe80::d4d5:efff:feca:be58. Mar 22 13:02:18 Tower avahi-daemon[11015]: New relevant interface veth11e7458.IPv6 for mDNS. Mar 22 13:02:18 Tower avahi-daemon[11015]: Registering new address record for fe80::d4d5:efff:feca:be58 on veth11e7458.*. Mar 22 13:02:20 Tower kernel: vfio-pci 0000:01:00.0: Relaying device request to user (#50) Mar 22 13:04:03 Tower kernel: vfio-pci 0000:01:00.0: Relaying device request to user (#60) Mar 22 13:04:11 Tower crond[2524]: failed parsing crontab for user root: 01:00 /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/ca.turbo/scripts/turboSchedule.php disable 480 > /dev/null 2>&1 Mar 22 13:05:45 Tower kernel: vfio-pci 0000:01:00.0: Relaying device request to user (#70) Mar 22 13:07:28 Tower kernel: vfio-pci 0000:01:00.0: Relaying device request to user (#80) Mar 22 13:09:10 Tower kernel: vfio-pci 0000:01:00.0: Relaying device request to user (#90) Mar 22 13:10:52 Tower kernel: vfio-pci 0000:01:00.0: Relaying device request to user (#100) The VM Log: -device pcie-root-port,port=0x8,chassis=5,id=pci.5,bus=pcie.0,multifunction=on,addr=0x1 \ -device pcie-root-port,port=0x9,chassis=6,id=pci.6,bus=pcie.0,addr=0x1.0x1 \ -device pcie-pci-bridge,id=pci.7,bus=pci.1,addr=0x0 \ -device nec-usb-xhci,p2=15,p3=15,id=usb,bus=pcie.0,addr=0x7 \ -device virtio-serial-pci,id=virtio-serial0,bus=pci.2,addr=0x0 \ -blockdev '{"driver":"file","filename":"/mnt/user/domains/MacinaboxCatalina/Clover.qcow2","node-name":"libvirt-3-storage","cache":{"direct":false,"no-flush":false},"auto-read-only":true,"discard":"unmap"}' \ -blockdev '{"node-name":"libvirt-3-format","read-only":false,"cache":{"direct":false,"no-flush":false},"driver":"qcow2","file":"libvirt-3-storage","backing":null}' \ -device ide-hd,bus=ide.2,drive=libvirt-3-format,id=sata0-0-2,bootindex=1,write-cache=on \ -blockdev '{"driver":"file","filename":"/mnt/user/domains/MacinaboxCatalina/Catalina-install.img","node-name":"libvirt-2-storage","cache":{"direct":false,"no-flush":false},"auto-read-only":true,"discard":"unmap"}' \ -blockdev '{"node-name":"libvirt-2-format","read-only":false,"cache":{"direct":false,"no-flush":false},"driver":"raw","file":"libvirt-2-storage"}' \ -device ide-hd,bus=ide.3,drive=libvirt-2-format,id=sata0-0-3,write-cache=on \ -blockdev '{"driver":"host_device","filename":"/dev/sdc","node-name":"libvirt-1-storage","cache":{"direct":false,"no-flush":false},"auto-read-only":true,"discard":"unmap"}' \ -blockdev '{"node-name":"libvirt-1-format","read-only":false,"cache":{"direct":false,"no-flush":false},"driver":"raw","file":"libvirt-1-storage"}' \ -device ide-hd,bus=ide.4,drive=libvirt-1-format,id=sata0-0-4,write-cache=on \ -netdev tap,fd=36,id=hostnet0 \ -device e1000-82545em,netdev=hostnet0,id=net0,mac=52:54:00:8a:cb:a9,bus=pci.3,addr=0x0 \ -chardev pty,id=charserial0 \ -device isa-serial,chardev=charserial0,id=serial0 \ -chardev socket,id=charchannel0,fd=37,server,nowait \ -device virtserialport,bus=virtio-serial0.0,nr=1,chardev=charchannel0,id=channel0,name=org.qemu.guest_agent.0 \ -device usb-tablet,id=input0,bus=usb.0,port=1 \ -vnc,websocket=5701 \ -k en-us \ -device qxl-vga,id=video0,ram_size=67108864,vram_size=67108864,vram64_size_mb=0,vgamem_mb=16,max_outputs=1,bus=pci.7,addr=0x1 \ -device vfio-pci,host=0000:02:00.0,id=hostdev0,bus=pci.4,addr=0x0 \ -device vfio-pci,host=0000:02:00.1,id=hostdev1,bus=pci.5,addr=0x0 \ -device vfio-pci,host=0000:01:00.0,id=hostdev2,bus=pci.6,addr=0x0 \ -usb \ -device usb-kbd,bus=usb-bus.0 \ -device '************************' \ -smbios type=2 \ -cpu Penryn,kvm=on,vendor=GenuineIntel,+invtsc,vmware-cpuid-freq=on,+pcid,+ssse3,+sse4.2,+popcnt,+avx,+aes,+xsave,+xsaveopt,check \ -sandbox on,obsolete=deny,elevateprivileges=deny,spawn=deny,resourcecontrol=deny \ -msg timestamp=on 2020-03-21 20:44:33.416+0000: Domain id=2 is tainted: high-privileges 2020-03-21 20:44:33.416+0000: Domain id=2 is tainted: custom-argv 2020-03-21 20:44:33.416+0000: Domain id=2 is tainted: host-cpu char device redirected to /dev/pts/1 (label charserial0) usb_desc_get_descriptor: 1 unknown type 33 (len 10) 2020-03-22T09:53:43.992097Z qemu-system-x86_64: warning: guest updated active QH The VM settings: Any suggestions? Do anyone have had the same issue? Thanks so much for your help guys.
  3. Thanks so much for sharing your tests. I've been away for a while. Tonight i'm ginna try all your suggestions and will inform you.
  4. In the last screenshot you’ve posted, it’s a different device on a different IOMMU group. Here you’re showing us an AMD USB controller (possibly your motherboards usb controller). In the previous screenshot you were showing us a PCI bridge that had issues with the VM. let me get this straight. you said you’re trying to passthough the following: Is the ASM2142 a PCI USB controller connected on a PCI slot?
  5. I see. The 1822:1453 is the PCI bridge that runs the ASM2142? Did i got it right?
  6. First and foremost I would recommend turning off PCI ACS override, reboot then post the IOMMU groups here in a quote in order to see what have you passed through. Things to try: 1) enable "VFIO allow unsafe interrupts" 2) try to boot ur VM with the PCI passed though and restart/shutdown 3) try to boot ur VM without any devices passed though (except the GPU) and restart/shutdown 4) remove the PCI devices from the passthrough config 5) try to boot ur vm with GPU passed though and the USB devices selected on your PCI USB Controller and restart/shutdown Every time you restart or shutdown your VM, keep a tab open with the System logs so that you can see what is going on. Then next to each try (2,3,5) post your results so that we can compare and better understand your situation.
  7. Problem solved by buying a new PCI USB controller (Fresco Logic ASM1142 USB 3.1 Type C), which led to another problem. see here: SYSTEM HANGS WHEN VM CHANGES STATES (SHUTDOWN, RESTART ETC) thank you all for your help
  8. Hi @dboris, The PCI USB controller you are using is different than mine and the others that were mentioned in the posts linked by @peter_sm. So I’m guessing there is a bigger issue here regarding the passthrough of PCI USB controllers (maybe in the latest unraid build?). Lets hope someone from @limetech will see this and collect all the data posted and start debugging the issue. Crossing fingers 🤞
  9. Hi peter, I have read both yours and the other guy’s posts, and that’s why I posted this here as a bug. Let’s hope we’re gonna draw some attention and someone actually help us resolve our issues.
  10. Hi all, I've been trying to build a Hackintosh VM in the last months. After a lot of research and suggestions from the community, I've decided to buy a new "ASMedia Technology Inc. ASM1142 USB 3.1 Host Controller" to play nice and natively with my Mac setup. Following the guides of @SpaceInvaderOne (thank you so much man), I have set up the VM and properly passed though the PCI card. Things are going well and everything works fine until I ask the Mac VM to restart or shutdown. If any of the 2 options are executed (either though the VM itself or from VM section on Unraid) the VM shuts down then the system (server) hangs. I have to manually force reset the whole system (server) cause everything is unresponsive and cannot access WEB GUI or ssh etc. I started investigating on the issue and checked the logs. Seems that the problem has to do with the ASM1142 PCI card. In the system log right after I execute a restart or shutdown I get the following: Posting my IOMMU groups: As you can see the "AER: Uncorrected (Fatal) error" on "[8086:2f04] 00:02.0" device that is mentioned in the system log is the PCI bus that the "ASM1142" PCI card is installed. In order to completely be sure that its the card that has the issue I tried the following: Used the ASM1142 PCI card in a Windows 10 VM and got the same error and behaviour (without it everything works fine) Enabled (previously disabled) "PCIe ACS override" and tried all combinations Enabled (previously disabled) "VFIO allow unsafe interrupts" and tried all combinations. Passed through the "IOMMU group 13: [8086:2f04] 00:02.0 PCI bridge: Intel Corporation Xeon E7 v3/Xeon E5 v3/Core i7 PCI Express Root Port 2 (rev 02)" that system log mentioned that has the "AER: Uncorrected (Fatal) error" Nothing of the above solved the problem. I have to mention that sometimes the system doesn't hang completely, but the VM page cannot load up (other VMs work fine), dockers run fine. When that happens the RAM that was allocated for the VM that failed stays allocated, even after I manually turn off the VM Manager from settings. When I turn on the VM Manager again, the VM Manager is still unresponsive and cannot have access to it. Then if I try to restart the system or shutdown, it hangs and I have to reset again. Any help would be greatly appreciated. BR
  11. Hi @david279 and thanks for the response. I've tried several times installing Mac Os since 2017 with guides from @SpaceInvaderOne. All succesfull BUT with the same issue regarding the USB Controller. So i dont think that its tied to the version of the Mac os, which is btw 10.15.2. I do not have the option to passthrough only the Mouse for example because the USB devices are not at all visible under that section as you can see bellow. That is why i pass-though the entire USB controller to the VM. I read in forums about some kexts that are helpful in these situations but couldn't find any for my X99 that are compatible. The most easy thing to do is buy a new PCI USB Controller that is compatible with Unraid and Mac os. But apart from the fact that i don't want have a free PCI slot, i don't know which USB controllers are compatible for Unraid and Mac os. Maybe some kexts will do the job and im trying to focus there first to see if i can find a sollution
  12. Hi all, I recently installed Mac OS Catalina with the help of the amazing Spaceinvader One and his latest guide. Everything went smooth and Catalina is now installed on its own SSD drive. The problem is as shown on the video attached. Video showing the problem The USB devices hang and/or seem unresponsive for seconds making the system unusable. When I move the mouse for example on the login screen, it moves extremely slow and the movement is choppy as it doesn't have a good connection (it is a wired mouse and keyboard). That seems to be better when I login through Anydesk as I cannot type my password with the keyboard at all (keystrokes never register). Mouse movement is choppy and unusable after login but with a slight better performance (see video for more). Bluetooth discovers and connects to devices (Magic Mouse, magic keyboard, Magic Trackpad) and seems to drop the connections every second and tries to reconnect all the time. Everything USB related is unreliable. Tried all 3 options on USB controller in the template but the result is always the same. My Setup: Unraid Version: 6.8.0 M/B: ASRock X99 Extreme4 Version CPU: Intel® Core™ i7-5820K CPU @ 3.30GHz (6 cores) HVM: Enabled IOMMU: Enabled Memory: 32 GiB DDR4 VM Setup: 4 cores 16GB Ram Machine: Q35-3.1 Bios: OVMF USB Controller: 3.0 (nec XHCI) GPU: AMD Radeon 480x The PCI device that I Passthrough is: Intel C610/X99 series chipset USB xHCI Host Controller | USB controller (00:14.0) Any help will be appreciated.
  13. Hi,Thanks for replying.I rolled back at 6.3.2 and left my VM on for about an hour.When i got back i found it to try to boot to Windows but stuck.In Unraid the state was "Paused" and I'm unable to resume it.I force quit the VM.The problem still exists and im experimenting with a lot of things to try and find a solution.If the offer for a free troubleshooting session still stands please let me know when we can schedule it.Thanks in advance.
  14. Thanks for directing me to the correct thread. I'm already on 6.3.2 and I'll post everything there. The thing is that it's not at all clear where should someone with such issues post his/her issues, given the fact that it's not easy to find the mentioned thread. Plus who would have known that a New version release thread is also the place you post your problems/issues/bugs. Maybe I missed sth. Idk. On the other hand I paid 90$ for this OS and I'm close to a month now that I'm having issues that I can't solve and even after contacting support I got no answer. Anyways thanks for being understanding. I'll try my best to help the community in any way that I can.
  15. reading comprehension > you also manosioa, spamming other people's posts instead of finding the correct post/section to address your issue in is probably not going to win you any friends. I get that you are frustrated, but you're not addressing your situation correctly. I'm not trying to win any friends. I just believe that since there are other people who search around the forum for a solution for a similar problem to what i had, it would be proper to point them to another solution that may help them just in case my topic is lost or overrun. That's how other members interact so i thought of doing the same.