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  1. There aren't any BIOS updates. Does disabling IOMMU (VT-d) have any impact on Docker applications, or is it purely for redirected hardware on VMs?
  2. Fix common problems shows call traces. Diagnostics attached. Any advice is appreciated.
  3. Oh, cool, thanks guys. I found another one in CA that I setup, but I'll give yours a shot this weekend.
  4. Thanks grandprix. Funny enough, I moved to ombi this week. So far, so good.
  5. I read on the plexrequests GitHub that someone requested you guys add the ability to switch branches. Has there been any movement on that?
  6. The PlexRequests project dev branch has support for Radarr now - easiest way to run DEV in this docker? Is there maybe an undocumented -e option?