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  1. I have a docker application that needs the Linux-IO modules https://docs.storageos.com/docs/prerequisites/systemconfiguration. Anyone have an idea how I can install them? Thanks, Jamie
  2. It seems that Uplay no longer works, BattleEye gives me a error when starting Rainbow Six: Siege. Blocked loading of file with unsupported UNC network path.
  3. Ok so I updated the Windows build and now my disk speed seems to ok. I did a quick test by downloading a game from steam, when steam was allocating drive space Task Manager reported 1GB/s. That looks right for two cache SSD's right?
  4. So what could be affecting the VM? Also surely it's not right due to the scaling of 4GB, anything over 320MB (1% of 32GB) should have around the same speed? I also went the opposite way
  5. I set them both to 1% tried a 8GB transfer and I still get silly speeds. Just in case you don't know from the diagnostics I have 32GB RAM.
  6. I installed the Dynamix SSD Trim as soon as you mentioned it I tried again with 4GB but it still doesn't look right. I then used a real file keeping in mind the read speed of that disk that the iso is stored on is around that number (disk 1), it's a cheap NAS drive In terms of the power cycle it is probably that I don't keep my machine on at all times, I only use unRAID for 2 gamers 1 pc and do a far few restarts due to software development work.
  7. Could any settings cause it too? E.g. Windows power settings or BIOS? Ok I did this, it doesn't look right though I didn't realise that I had to explicitly turn trimming on.
  8. I've not noticed any problems with my power supply (I doubt that I have). I used the DiskSpeed plugin and got from what I can tell are normal results: I don't really understand what a power cycle is?
  9. Sorry I thought I posted the diagnostics. The screenshot is at idle, the only task I was running was searching for a graphics driver and even when that task was complete it was the same story. You can see here the process that is using the most disk usage and it little to nothing. tower-diagnostics-20180826-0156.zip
  10. Hi All, I have set my domains share to only use the cache drives, although on my VM I get really bad disk speeds My drivers are up to date, I have no idea what's happening. Jamie
  11. Ok so what would you say the best storage setup would be for this? I have two SSD's 250GB each and one HDD 2TB. I essentially want to do two gamers one PC, would I have the SSD JBOD or Mirrored? Baring in mind that I would like to have the VM's v-disk cached and at least one large game (I think the largest game I have is 100GB) with the best performance. Or if you'd have any other suggestions? I've seen some stuff on BTRFS and snapshotting, so I could snapshot the v-disk and still customise the data to a per VM basis? E.g. if I had one program installed on the one and not the other
  12. Ohh ok, I thought that the array was supposed to work like JBOD