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  1. Hi, I tried passing a USB Wireless Key to the Docker using the "--device=/dev/bus/usb/005/002" command (Bus 005 Device 002) and i am in privileged mode. I see that the device is there on the USB bus in /dev but i am not getting a WLAN / WL0 interface after startup. Anyone have suggestions on what i can do next? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi, unfortunately the licence did not, they use a few reference points to authenticate the server, including mac addresses etc... I was able to force the previous hostname successfully, which is what i asked for in the thread, but since the other information has changed across the containers, they replced the key. One of the key point is the Mac address of the main network adapter. What i suggest is if you need to reinstall the container, backup your container config files to try and keep the new version as close to the original as possible. I had uninstalled, choosing to clear the appdata with it, which is most likely why i could not activate as the new container was created from scratch and the hostname, mac address, etc... all changed because of it. Would you happen to have the parameter to pass a MAC address to the container config?
  3. HI i am having issues with a 10 user licence. I activated it before the latest update of the docker and i noticed that the hostname changed for the docker machine and the license is locked attached to a previous hostname. How can i change the hostname back?