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  1. Just a FYI... the issue has corrected itself. I believe this was an error related to the massive growth they have seen over the past few weeks.
  2. I joined the team last night. My Nvidia GPU was doing some work right after I installed it, but now it is sitting idle. I found this in the logs: 13:07:53:WU01:FS01:Requesting new work unit for slot 01: READY gpu:0:GP104 [GeForce GTX 1060 6GB] from 13:07:53:WU01:FS01:Connecting to 13:08:28:ERROR:WU01:FS01:Exception: Failed to remove directory './work/01': boost::filesystem::remove: Directory not empty: "./work/01" Is this an error on my end or on their end? Thanks.
  3. Negative. I upped my firmware from v10 to v12 and that did not help. Any other ideas?
  4. Same here. Latest version has broken functionality. Hopefully it gets fixed on an update soon. If anyone has a work-around, please let us know.
  5. trurl, It was just a user created share. I didn't realize I had one set to "Prefer". It was my mistake. Sometimes I am oblivious to the obvious. Lol. I'm going to mark this SOLVED. Thanks again.
  6. One of my shares was set to "Prefer". I changed to it "Yes". Now the mover appears to be working. Thank you very much johnnie.black! Brad
  7. I tried to invoke mover to clear out my cache drive. It seems to start and stop instantly without moving files. I stopped all dockers to see if it was an open file issue. I also ran Docker safe permissions. I enabled mover logging on the last attempt but I don't know where to look for errors. What else can I try to troubleshoot? It was working a few days ago, but I have been downloading some large files lately. Hence the need to clear out the cache drives. I'd appreciate any input. Thanks. tower-diagnostics-20181213-1205.zip
  8. I have the same issue with my APC SMC1000-2UC. I'm using the USB protocol, ModBus doesn't seem to work.
  9. Just an update. Parity has been rebuilt. I'm going to run a parity check just to be sure everything is ok. For now, I'm going to blame this on a glitch in the Matrix. lol. If this happens again on this disk I will just replace it. This is one of those White Label drives that can be purchased at a pretty good price. It wouldn't surprise me that they are actually factory rejects that were found to have some sort of issue. So they put a white label on it, reduce the warranty, and sell at a discount. Who knows for sure.
  10. The extended SMART test completed without error. I can't easily replace cables as it's a breakout cable and I would have to replace the whole thing. What I did do is re-seat the cable in the affected drive to ensure a good connection. I am re-syncing parity at this time. I removed the disabled drive from the array, started the array, stopped, and then re-added the drive. I was actually hoping that this drive was bad as it has one month left of warranty. I hate intermittent issues that leave you scratching your head! Looking at the smart report it looks like it had a similar issue at 49 hours of operation, and then the current one at 8150 hours. I don't recall this drive ever red-balling before. Weird. I will report if I have a successful rebuild of parity. Thanks jonnie.black. tower-diagnostics-20180527-1101 after extented test.zip
  11. Parity Drive red balled. I'm looking for assistance with the diagnostics of this drive. Attached are the diagnostics of the server right after the red ball and after a reboot. Right after the incident SMART information was unavailable. I am currently performing an extended SMART test to see if it passes. Again, I'm looking for help on how to diagnose this drive. I will update this thread once the extended test is complete. Any help on how to handle this would be appreciated! tower-diagnostics-20180524-1058.zip tower-diagnostics-20180527-0054.zip
  12. You should always upload your log files so people can help you troubleshoot.
  13. Regarding fake LSI cards, is there a visual difference between a real and a fake? Or is there really no way to tell? It might be helpful to know what to look for in the pictures of the dozens of eBay listings....
  14. It's been almost a week and all appears to be working. I don't know if you work for Lime Technology or not, but these forums wouldn't be the same without you. THANK YOU johnnie.black!
  15. Ok, deleted libvirt, rebooted, ran a non-correcting scrub with no errors found, log initially has no errors. I will monitor for errors over the next few days. If any errors come up I'm just going to put in the new SSD drive. I'll give you an update as events unfold. Thanks again jonnie.black!