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  1. Hello! Thank you for your wonderful contribution. I have a couple of questions. 1) Is it possible to set deluge to work with a macvlan network? I am able to get the webUI to work with the VPN disabled, but when I enable it I can't access the webUI. If I change the mode back to bridge instead of macvlan, everything works ok ) VPN enabled and disabled. 2) I get super slow speeds with PIA. If I check the open ports, they do appear to be open but I only get maybe 500 Kib/s and I have a 150 Mbps connection. What could be the problem? Thank you!
  2. Hello I'm getting really slow download speeds with PIA. I have a 100/10 connection. Without the vpn enabled I can get up to 10 Mb/s in the deluge client, however with the vpn enabled I can only get around 600 or 700 kb/s. How can I know that the PIA port is being forwarded? Thank you!