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  1. I have checked my BIOS settings, there are none. This issue is still happening.
  2. Yes I have tried other ports, still no dice. Please see my other thread here:
  3. This accurately describes my issues. I did some troubleshooting and I've noticed that my unRAID USB disappears from my unRAID VM. I would have to physically unplug it then plug it back in to the server. After that I would have to run a "Rescan All..." and a "Refresh" on the Storage Adapters section in ESXi for the USB to show back up. After that I can then boot it back up fine. When the USB fails, the minute I navigate to unRAID's Web UI it crashes (because it tries to load information from the USB thats not present anymore) I have it described in a separate thread below: I've tried researching the error but am unable to find a solution. I'm still unsure if the problem is ESXi or unRAID. Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.
  4. So, I'm not sure if anyone is reading this, but I made an interesting discovery. The minute the I browse and login to unRAID's web UI, I receive the symptoms I explained in the subject (NFS share no longer exported / Dashboard empty / Banner no longer set). Steps to replicate: 1. Wait a few days after fixing issue 2. Attempt to access unRAIDs NFS share (works) 3. Login to unRAID Web UI 4. Attempt to access share again (doesn't work) The second I try to access files on the USB drive (where unRAID files are stored), it crashes. This might be relevant, I have another thread open here ( ) where I explain that I Intermittently can't write to the USB.
  5. I rebooted the server and now I can write files to it. I have attached the syslog here. The flash was not full; 300 MB used out of 4 GB. FYI another forum question that I have open is here: Not sure if this is related. It might assist the community in helping me troubleshoot this on-going problem. tim-car-st01-syslog-20170509-1905.zip
  6. I am getting the error "Unable to write to flash drive" from the Fix Common Problems application. I have confirmed it; I can't create or edit any files on the flash share. How do I mount it as read/write persistently?
  7. Same thing happened again. I'm trying on a new USB now. After installing the new USB, it still takes a few minutes to load the bzroot image on boot up.
  8. Update Ran chkdsk on drive -> found no errors I reformatted the USB with FAT32 (not quick format) Copied all files back to Ran the make bootable script Just curios, the boot process hangs for a few minutes or so, could that hint to anything? It was usually faster then this before. Please see attached screenshot. Perhaps I need to migrate to a new USB drive?
  9. Thanks for quick reply trurl. I will try your suggested fixes and post the results here.
  10. This issue has been happening almost every week for a few months now. The symptoms are: 1. Dashboard tab is completely empty 2. My banner background is wrong (its set to the default picture but I had set a custom one) 3. The NFS share is no longer exported (I try to change it to "Yes" but always goes back to "No") Please see screenshots. I also attached the errors and warnings from the past few days and the diagnostic file. Any help would be greatly appreciated! tim-car-st01-syslog-20170501-1859.zip tim-car-st01-diagnostics-20170501-1901.zip
  11. Tried to make the title as self explanatory as possible. My ESXi server is mapping an unRAID NFS share (/mnt/user/Backup/ESXi). The NFS datastore doesn't always, its status (active or inactive) is intermittent. I tried researching on here and on googles but was unable to find a solution to this problem. Someone suggested on here that " *(rw,no_root_squash) " works like a charm but I have no idea where to implement this argument. The share that I am trying to mount isn't a disk share but a folder called "ESXi" inside the normal "Backup" share. Any help is greatly appreciated!