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  1. I got red X in my SAS drive today as well log file showed before red X showed up Feb 13 15:23:58 kernel: sd 9:0:1:0: [sdd] tag#3049 UNKNOWN(0x2003) Result: hostbyte=0x00 driverbyte=0x08 cmd_age=0s Feb 13 15:23:58 kernel: sd 9:0:1:0: [sdd] tag#3049 Sense Key : 0x2 [current] [descriptor] Feb 13 15:23:58 kernel: sd 9:0:1:0: [sdd] tag#3049 ASC=0x4 ASCQ=0x11 and /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/sas-spindown/sas-util showed sde | ST6000NM0034 | 1000:0072:1028:1f1c | n/a | sdd | ST6000NM0034 | 1000:0072:1028:1f1c | n/a | anything to help to solve the problem? I need to uninstall the plugin and rebuild my array today 😢
  2. +1 for SAS drive spin down i can do testing if required!
  3. keep upvote this!! SAS drive spin down is needed for my 12 bay SAS system
  4. Hello! I'm using this plugin but my script included CJK(Chinese japan, Korea) When saving the script in web ui the chinese char would be vanish Is there any bug or somthing? Thanks! CJK example: monthchi=("01-一月" "02-二月" "03-三月" "04-四月" "05-五月" "06-六月" "07-七月" "08-八月" "09-九月" "10-十月" "11-十一月" "12-十二月") would become monthchi=("01-" "02-" "03-" "04-" "05-" "06-" "07-" "08-" "09-" "10-" "11-" "12-")
  5. This method really works!!!! Hope dev make this feature in 6.8 Maybe use some user script to solve the problem for now?