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  1. dee31797

    Virt-Manager, Intel-GPU-Tools and more Dockers

    Howdy, Have you already installed NerdPack and used it to activate netcat-openbsd? If not, you can find NerdPack here:https://raw.githubusercontent.com/dmacias72/unRAID-NerdPack/master/plugin/NerdPack.plg
  2. dee31797

    [REQUEST] Maltrail

    Here's a docker image for maltrail that's been updated recently. Most downloads on dockerhub from what I can find. https://github.com/thelittlefireman/docker-maltrail docker run -d --name maltrail -v /yourappdata/folder:/var/log/maltrail -e PASSWD=admin --net=host --privileged thelittlefireman/docker-maltrail
  3. dee31797

    Unraid OS version 6.7.0-rc6 available

    4.20 is already EOL probably won't use that one.
  4. dee31797

    [Support] Linuxserver.io - Organizr

    Thank you. I'm not the savyist, when you say copy api keys etc is that in the config folder to config folder in v2?
  5. dee31797

    [Support] Linuxserver.io - Organizr

    Thank you @jrdnlc and @GilbN. It looks like muximux and heimdall are my only alternatives, do either of these applications allow you to retain your configurations through version updates?
  6. dee31797

    [Support] Linuxserver.io - Organizr

    Thank you @GilbN, I was able to eliminate the file permissions issue with CLI chmod & chown to make the user uploaded match the originals, and remaking the container. When that didn't work. I removed all the images from the folder, rebuilt the container, then uploaded the user images with the webgui so it would set the permissions but the results are still the same. Thank you @jrdnlc, I freshly installed organizrtools/organizr-v2 as mentioned by someone earlier, but I cannot figure out how to import my configurations. Do you have any tips for me to use with troubleshooting V1?
  7. dee31797

    [Support] Linuxserver.io - Organizr

    I have an issue with the linuxserver/organizr:latest container where every time there's an image update, all the user uploaded icons doesn't display. The image files are still saved in the \www\Dashboard\images directory, but they do not show up in the "view icons" view. If I upload the icons again they show up correctly until the next image update. Thanks
  8. dee31797

    [REQUEST] Firefly III

    It requires two different containers which in Unraid would be two different templates?? You'd also have to provide a guide with it explaining how to link one container to the other, etc. Docker compose is the only way I can find to use one template to get both containers working and talking to each other with that one template. If someone knows something otherwise please educate us I'd love to have a way of doing that.
  9. dee31797

    Sparklyballs' Beta Repo

    The linuxserver group has a container you should try: https://hub.docker.com/r/linuxserver/dokuwiki
  10. dee31797

    [REQUEST] Firefly III

    All very true statements, except what's difficult or not, that's an opinion. Not sure how that helps OP but @dj_sim if you have any more questions on the possible methods (manual CLI, Unraid two templates, or docker compose) please let us know.
  11. dee31797

    [REQUEST] Firefly III

    The OP is asking for a "community app" which I assume he meant a single template to get the DB container and Firefly container up and running, since his attempt at manually adding it didn't work. That link does provide a way of running it manually via CLI, though it will be harder to manage it in Unraid such as it will always show as "update ready" in the docker tab. To avoid that issue you can use Unraid's webUI, and that will create two separate templates as I mentioned earlier. Your link does provide some information about using docker compose: Anything can be done in Unraid as you proved with the Nvidia plugin. @dj_sim if you go the Unraid webUI's route just be careful about referencing the DB app in the firefly template as I mentioned earlier or the Firefly won't find the database.
  12. dee31797

    [REQUEST] Firefly III

    It appears this application may need two different docker containers, a DB app and of course Firefly itself. Unraid doesn't have a way to do that currently, you'll need something like docker-compose if you want to use a single template. With Unraid you'll need two separate templates, and you need to be careful that the firefly template properly references the mariadb container.
  13. dee31797

    Virt-Manager, Intel-GPU-Tools and more Dockers

    The easiest way to install Virt-Manager is to use the template file here. Save it to your flash drive under flash\config\plugins\dockerMan\templates. From there you can use Unraid's WebGUI docker tab to add a new container, select Virt-Manager in the template drop down. Set the network port you want to use, appdata folder, etc. You can also build the template manually, Unraid's WebGUI docker tab to add a new container set Name to Virt-Manager set Repository to djaydev/docker-virt-manager click Add another Path, Port, Variable, Label or Device for each: Port 5800:5800 webgui Port 5900:5900 vnc connection Path /docker/appdata/virt-manager:/config:rw Path /dev/urandom:/dev/urandom:ro \
  14. dee31797

    Virt-Manager, Intel-GPU-Tools and more Dockers

    Hi Blaine, Which application are you interested in? These are 4 separate applications all run under docker.
  15. dee31797

    Unraid OS version 6.7.0-rc3 available

    Sometimes when my SSD cache shows a different size to what's actually on there, a manual TRIM brings it back closer to even. /sbin/fstrim -a -v | logger &> /dev/null