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  1. Hi, For some reason I'm unable to log in to my Lychee server using the admin account. It gives a "server error or API not found" messages. I've tried to reset the admin account with no luck. All other users works just fine. Diagnostics is attached. Regards, Lychee diagnostics.txt EDIT: I think it gives me an error on https://unraid:port/api/Albums::get 500 [SOLVED SOLVED SOLVED] It turns out it was a deleted user that made the mess. Have a look at this thread on github
  2. I finally got some time to look at the problem. I did the sugested things and now the log is floating with "BTRFS csum failed". Anything I can do? berta-diagnostics-20180429-1943.zip
  3. Thanks, I'll have a look at i later today!
  4. Hi, I've started to get some errors lately, and I think it's one of my cache drives that's creating problems. I've got no clue what to look for, so maybe some one here can help me? Attached is the latest diagnostics from the server. Best regards, berta-diagnostics-20180322-1954.zip
  5. Hi Donativo, I just had the same problem, and it can be fixed by installing the vitrIO driver for the vnc GPU. Go to "manage devices" and right click on your GPU -> update driver -> select your virtIO drive -> click OK. I had mine installed in 5 sec. and it's working like a charm now. I found the solution here. I know it's bit late since the topic was created, but thought others might have the same issues I did.
  6. You are awesome Squid! I had some issues with that before, but fixed it by setting the two values to 2 and 4. I'll try it on 1 and 2. Thank you!
  7. "Fix common problems" notified me with this error today. System seems to run just fine, although I've had a HDD that's been quite hot the last few days because of good weather! The only thing I could find in the log was this: berta-diagnostics-20170620-2315.zip I have no idea if there's any issue with my system. Thanks
  8. Hi Shanelovell, Yeah, I know this. I havne't really figured out yet how I want to split of the drives in terms of cache. I've change the drives to Seagates's 6TB instead - they were cheaper in the long run. I might have an SSD or 2 for spare, so I might use those for cache. Otherwise my 1TB disk I have in my desktop atm vil change to this instead. Hi Trurl, I haven't decided yet if I want to use 2 cache drives instead of 1 just yet. But thank you for the clarification about it.
  9. Hi ashman, Thanks for your reply. The GPU will only be used by OBS. No monitor or gaming will ever come into play, so I hope the PSU is fine. PCPartpicker gives me about 400 watt usage without the HBA, so I guess it's got enough juice.
  10. Hi, I'm a total beginner I've had the thought of moving my media server to unRAID for quite a while - and now I think I'll have to pull the trigger. :-) Today, I have a Synology DS1511+ and 1 DX513. 9 x 3tb WD Red in Raid 6 and 1 x 6tb on the side. This doesn't have the CPU power I want, so new hardware must be bought. I don't need the redundancy of raid6, and I like the way unRAID stores its data. Requirements: Preferences in terms of cost will be: noise > power usage > cost. Overall I would like to keep the price as low as poss