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  1. Will copying a flash/config/shares/share.cfg file to another Unraid server work or do I have to redo them all again on the new backup server? I could just try it, but unknown consequences may be lurking.
  2. Thank you for the reply, I thought that would be the answer. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing a trick.
  3. HP Microserver G8 with Xeon E3-1260L Unraid 6.6.6 PfSense 2.4.4 I have PfSense as a VM running fine except I cannot get it to read the onchip temp sensor, it just says updating. I have it set to read the Intel Onchip sensor. Do you think this is because it's running as a VM? Is there anything I need to passthrough? Intel specs say the cpu has an onchip sensor. Thank you
  4. All I need, HP Microserver G8, 4x4tb array, no parity, 480gb cache, 1 x 140mm fan, PICO Psu 140w, running Emby, PfSense and File Shares. 50w running all out. Disks down 38w 28w S1 Sleep 14 pennies kw/hr Thank you Frugal Frank
  5. I want to say thank you to everyone involved in achieving this computer saving modification. I have spent quite some time trying to passthrough an Intel 4 port nic for a Pfsense VM on my Microserver G8, yesterday morning I was contemplating selling it off and building something else. I came across this thread and swapped the bzimage, saved me a lot of money and trouble. I am on 6.6.6 Stable. I really do appreciate the time and effort put in and just wanted to say thank you.
  6. Hi, I want to install an app from the Nextcloud appstore, the only info I can locate says to download the app to the Nextcloud app directory and run install. I don't seem to have an app directory only a couple of directories like "appdata_oc7rl21ajkd3" and where do I find the install to run? Would some kind person please give me simple instructions on installing an app from the appstore into a Nexcloud Docker. Thank you
  7. my server runs from 08:00 to 23:00 but Mover operates at 03:40 approx, I cannot find a setting to change this time to 08:30. I have searched and found 55 pages on Mover, some of them mention scripts and cron jobs, is this still the case? I have also read the FAQ and searched Google.
  8. I actually know that, been a long day. Trying to over think the problem, it's known as panic. Thank you both for being so helpful, I think I have read too much and watched too many videos (on Unraid) you start looking for problems that don't exist.
  9. I am having trouble backing up the usb key (flash share) to a windows 10 machine. I can see the flash share in windows networking but when I try to copy it over I get an unknown error occurred. So I thought I would try to copy it using Unraid and Dolpin but I cannot reach any of the windows shares in Dolphin I just get an error they cannot be found. I get lost just with windows permissions let alone trying to figure out windows and Unraid. I tried stopping the array but that didn't work either. I have two users the same name and password on both plus root on Unraid.I have three other shar
  10. Thank you for your replys, I have in the past dabbled with Ubuntu Server and bits of programming stuff, I started with a Sinclair Spectrum and wrote a 10k line program for designing Cranes which I then converted to GW Basic to run on our companies Intel 286, I also used to program Paradox Database's moving on to Access when it came out. Long time ago. I have decided to go for it and use all the facilities available so Parity and Cache it is for the learning experience, then onto VM's and Dockers (what ever they are). I have four Seagate 4TB Ironwolf drives and a 250GB Sandisk Ultra I
  11. I have just built a Server to store and play my Media. I am trying out Unraid and being a retired gentleman I have the desire to learn about something other than Windows. One question, is the Parity drive necessary if you have all your data backed up elsewhere? At present I have a Windows 10 as a server with Stablebit Drivepool which works fine but is a bit boring. I don't use duplication, if a disk goes I will replace it and load my data again. I only have 50GB of photos and 1TB of videos backed up on external drives and the cloud. So what do I lose not using a parity drive oth