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  1. Is there any way to repair a corrupted database? Mine seems to have gone out..
  2. That may well have been part of my problem. I uninstalled, then reinstalled without Pro, and also selected the Share from the get go, and all appears to be working now. May have been a problem with me installing and then changing the Data Path. Did notice in the log it saying it couldn't find a config file. Thanks!
  3. I set the Data Path as a share that I made for it.
  4. I've installed the docker on my unraid setup, but as I'm finding with most things, the setup doesn't exactly prove to be straight forward. I set the port to match my servers local IP, network is set to host, ports look alright, but if I try to telnet I'm not able to connect (ports aren't open), when if I try to connect with the windows client, it crashes the docker app. What should I start trying?