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  1. Hi Guys, I think I've looked everywhere and I can't seem to find the answer. Does the Supermicro MBD-H8SGL-F board support The AMD Opteron 6380 CPU ? If you have a link to confirm it, i would be happy
  2. Hey Guys, thanks for the help, I think I found the solution that fits me. I will get the VMware tools plugin install in Unraid. Then I'll use a crontab job to initiate the shutdown. I found a site explaining how to set up a crontab job here: http://www.jules.fm/Logbook/files/add_cron_job_vmware.html That should hopefully take care of my "problem" Then I can schedule the poweroff and poweron in my smartplug
  3. Hi Guys, I'm running my Unraid as a VM on ESXi, and I want to be able to schedule a daily shutdown of the server. The reason for that is that it uses quit alot of power, like about 175w when idle, and were I live 1kw costs about 0.34$ So running the server 24/7 would be almost 1.5$ a day I can Schedule a shutdown in unraid just fine, but how do I schedule a shutdown of the ESXi. I don't have vCenter, so it is just a single host. Is it even possible ?
  4. Hi all, I seem to have a hard time grasping the concept of split level. I want to create a share called Movies, on that share I have a folder for each movie, in that folder is the movie file. on SOME of my movies there is a folder for Subs, where the subtitle file is. What split level would be right, so that I don't risk that the movie would be placed on one disk, and the subtitles on another
  5. Hi all, I just looked at the plugin "fix Common Problems" and noticed this: >>>Your CPU is running constantly at 100% and will not throttle down when it's idle (to save heat / power). This is because there is currently no CPU Scaling Driver Installed. Seek assistance on the unRaid forums with this issue<<< I'm running with the ASUS KGPE-D16 with dual AMD Opteron 6380 It is virtualized on ESXI 6.7 Any idea where I can find and install that driver so I can save a bit on the powerbill ?
  6. I must confess I had not noticed the change of drive letter. The first time the drive was disabled, I ran a quick smart test, when nothing showed, I thought it was just a fluke. In order to add the disk back to the array I did the following 1) Stop the array 2) Remove the disk from the array 3) Start the array 4) Stop the array again 5) Add the disk back to the array 6) Start the array and let parity rebuild/resync Is that the right way of doing it ? Anyway, after the complete preclear of the disk, I have added it back to the array, this time it is named "sdh" I will try swapping it around if the error occurs again.
  7. I have attached the diagnostics file. The problem seems to start around nov 29th 11:16 Nov 29 11:16:26 Tower kernel: sd 33:0:8:0: [sdj] Synchronize Cache(10) failed: Result: hostbyte=0x01 driverbyte=0x00 And then a huge number of errors some hours later Nov 29 22:08:25 Tower kernel: md: disk4 read error, sector=1955073552 tower-diagnostics-20181203-2122.zip
  8. I have a disk that is really making me look like a fool. Every other day, it will generate a lot of write errors, and unraid disables it. I then take it out of the array, and back in, let the parity rebuild without errors. Do a full smart test which completes with succes, thinking all is good. Then a few days later, it generates write errors again, and unraid disables the disk again. I have now taken it out of my array, and run almost a full erase and clear preclear cycle. It is 78% done at step 6 of 6. With no errors whatsoever. What logs do you guys need to help figuring this out ?
  9. That is the wrong one, it is the ASMB8 not the ASMB4.
  10. I'm looking to buy the ASMB4-iKVM for my ASUS KGPE-D16, but I can't seem to find it ANY were. If I do, the price is something like 200$ Doen anyone know where I might get this cheap ?
  11. I have an LSI SATA SAS 9211-8i 6Gbps 8 Ports HBA, which unrain detects as LSI Logic / Symbios Logic SAS2008 PCI-Express Fusion-MPT SAS-2 [Falcon] (rev 03) Would I be able to use an Intel RES2SV240 SAS Expander with that card and so be able to use all 24 bays in my case ?
  12. Well that is the problem, the VM is doing absolutely nothing, I have had it turned on for hours, and the task manager in the vm shows 1-2% cpu usage, and still I can measure a 50-60 w increase in power usage.
  13. Hello, I was hoping that someone could help me on this. I resently installede new hardware in my unraid server. I got the Asus kgpe-d16 with dual AMD Opteron 6380 CPU and 256 GB ECC memory. The system is consuming around 120-130 watts idle, with all disk spun down. Then comes the problem, when I fire up my windows 10 VM then the system is consuming aound 170-190 watts. And that is when the VM is loaded and also sitting idle doing nothing. I can see the CPU usage in unraid, on the dashboard page is around 1-2% so why does it consume like 50-60 watts more when the VM is powered on? I don't have GFX or other devices passthrough. The VM is located on the cache drive, så it is not spinning up the array. Is it normal that a VM would consume so much extra power, even when idle ?
  14. Okay, thank, it is an existing bare metal unraid server, it is just an old server, with just 32 gb ram
  15. Okay, so Unraid as bare metal. So how do I go about switching the system, is it just as easy as plugin in the USB in the new motherboard, or is there something I need to do before ?
  16. Hej folks I'm kinda torn about what road to take. I've bought parts for a new server, it is an Asus KGPE-D16 board, with dual AMD opteron 6380 CPU and 256 GB memory. Now my porblem is, I don't know if I wanna use unraid as my bare metal machine. OR I am going to install ESXI, and then Unraid as a virtual machine, with passthrough for my harddrives. The reason i'm leaning towards the ESXi solution, is because i'm playing alot around with virtual machines and servers and such. With ESXi it is easy to setup a virtual network and install a bunch of servers to play around with. Also I kinda feel the whole virtualization is stronger in ESXi than in Unraid. What would you guys do. ?
  17. Kaltar

    Faulty disk again

    Damn, I have a disk that is REALLY getting on my nerves.. A few days ago it was bugging me as hell. I could't use it as parity drive, because Unraid then disabled it. I could run a smart quicktest without errors but extended test failed.. No, without doing anything, it works again. Extended smart test ran without errors. It is the same disk I wrote about here a week ago. If I ship it back to Western Digital, wouldn't they just say that the drive is fine ? tower-smart-20180219-0719.zip
  18. Kaltar

    Faulty disk again

    Okay, I'll return the drive and hope for the best. Thanks for the help guys
  19. Kaltar

    Faulty disk again

    No real vibrations, the drive is mounted in my Inter-Tech IPC 4U 4424 which is sitting on some rubberpads. It is located in my attic, which is pretty cool at the moment. i have 2 other WD red disk, which is over 3 years old now, which so far have no issues. Could it be cause the drives are running cold ? When in use, it is not warm, but right now it is running some test at around 17 C According to WD, the should operate fine at temperatures from 0 - 65 C
  20. Kaltar

    Faulty disk again

    I beg to differ Sure from the smart report it "may seem fine" but yesterday when I assigned it as parity drive (it has been that for a long time) and it needed to rebuild the array, it failed totally to a point where unraid simply disabled the drive. I was able to enable it again by doing a "tools->new config" then assign the drives the right places and start the array, but again, the disk failed totally. So right now my array is running without parity That causes me some worries.
  21. Kaltar

    Faulty disk again

    Does Unraid do something funky with the drives? Because yesterday the drive didn't have any Raw read error rate faults, but now in the smart report it show 4? That is 2 WD red drives that have this, since I started using unraid about a year ago.
  22. Hi All I have again a faulty disk, this time it is my parity disk that has som multy zone error. I noticed it when I was swapping disk a bit around, added a cache drive and remove another faulty disk from my array (it had some Raw read error rate faults) Is there any way to recover from this, like preclear, lowlvl format or something else, or is it just another RMA of the disk. I've attached the smart report. tower-smart-20180212-0803.zip
  23. Yeah well maybe I wasn't clear enough I'm actually looking for a socket G 34 (opteron 6380) motherboard
  24. Hej All, I'm looking to upgrade my server and I have gotten my hands on an old Dell PowerEdge 815R with 4* AMD opteron 6380 CPU's and 512 GB of ram. That rig is FAR too expencive to keep running 24/7. I'm thinking about taking half the CPU's and half the ram, buy a new motherboard and build it into my existing 24 bay case. But I'm not sure what motherboard to use. Which motherboard would be perfect for a Vmware EXSI setup with unraid running as a WM ? If it was cheap too it would be a sure bonus
  25. Hehe thanks for the short answer Johnnie