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  1. Hi All, Just wondering if anyone knows of a good (set of) tool(s) with which to cleanup duplicate files (not created by Unraid, but with an old backup tool) The jist of the problem is that I have several disks with similar copies of files, where the date/time stamps are off, so I need something that compares the content of the files to determine duplicates, so I was hoping to find a docker/app/vm that could assist with the cleanup, I've looked at the Diskover (couldn't get it to work) an DupGuru (crashed my server) dockers and via the forums found that they both seem to have issues... Currently I've got a bunch of drives that have similar folder structures, with partial sets of files in them, so I basically need to combine the drives together to get a complete set, while removing (or renaming) any duplicates found during the merge. I was planning to merge the drives one at a time until I'm left with one good/full copy and then go through the dups that aren't automatched to visually clean them up. Just hoping for some pointers, or somesuch. Thanks,
  2. OK thanks, I'll mark this solved then... it's an older rig that I'll be replacing soon, so hopefully that won't be an issue on the new rig. Again thanks!
  3. Well it seems that the powerdown finally worked, but it didn't go down clean, so a day or so long parity check has begun Can the server be powered down in the middle of a parity check? will it continue where it left off, or should it be left up until it's all done? Still would like to know what happened, but definitely removing DupeGuru, so this doesn't happen again. Should I mark it as solved, or wait for the logs to be looked at?
  4. Hi All, Hopefully I'm doing this right, I just installed DupeGuru and it seemed to hang, so I tried stopping the container, but it wouldn't stop, so I decided to restart my server to see if that would fix things. I waited a few minutes for the GUI to come back, but it hasn't after 30min or so. I could telnet in, and so ran a diagnostic, and even tried powerdown and powerdown -r to no avail. Here's the log files, hopefully someone can help me out! I'd rather not have to pull the power if it can be helped Thanks in advance! tower-diagnostics-20190211-1929.zip
  5. Just to ask, why did you use the rsync command, instead of the rclone sync command?