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  1. Hi all, Just wanted to provide an update that fixed my issue, I ditched debian and went back to ubuntu, instead of doing the mount through the VM configuration I just mounted the network share via IP address in the etc/fstab. It's been running great for a few months now. If you do decide to do it this was make sure you pass the read/write privileges when mounting it in fstab. I attached a picture of my configuration. For reference my unraid box has 2 nics one onboard 1GBE connection ( and one 10GBE twinax connection directly to another computer (10.0.0.x). So es
  2. For anyone wondering, it appears to work fine in Debian. Probably just an Ubuntu issue, I was running Ubuntu 16.04.2 server, might have been fixed in a newer version but I'm just going to switch to Debian since it's pretty much the same. Thanks for ruling out an unRaid issue Jon.
  3. I have an Ubuntu server VM that I want to mount a share into. VM config -> advanced-> unRAID share (add path) -> unRAID mount tag (add tag) -> start server -> fails to start network service at boot recommends running systemctl status networking.service, screen shots below. It sees the interface but won't start the service. However if I remove the share it works fine.