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  1. hi there! i am really happy with the ":xenial_test"-release of the docker! but is there a chance to get a updated version of this to get a newer tvheadend release? on some channels the stuttering described above is a little bit annoying..
  2. Ok, Error-Message is away! I think, one of the last Plugin-Updates have cleaned this.. ThX!
  3. Unraid DVB Edition Plugin 6.4.0_rc20a But it was the last versions too.. Didn't have!
  4. I got the following message when i click "Check for Updates" : Warning: file_get_contents(): Filename cannot be empty in /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix.docker.manager/include/DockerClient.php on line 142 nothing bad, but I wanted to report it - Update checking and updating work.
  5. I wonder if this is a configuration on the openvpn-as docker-side or is it a configuration within the other docker? e.g. like a firewall, you have to open something?
  6. Since i have tvheadend and embyserver in a docker (before they was installed in a ubuntu vm) i can't connect them when i have a vpn-connection. Not the webgui nor through e.g. tvhclient. Anybody knows how i have to configure openvpn-as that i can connect them again?
  7. Ok, no problems so far! docker is working good. Only the tvheadend is not the best choice, because around this version (4.3-48) it comes to problems with lagging on some channels with the following spamming logs: 2017-12-17 07:56:40.975 [WARNING] parser: DVB-C Netzwerk/642MHz/zdf_neo HD: DVBSUB @ #540: PTS and PCR diff is very large (400498) this was solved since around version ~ 4.3-100 i think. so it has nothing to do with the docker.
  8. hi, sorry but had much trouble @work and the christmas time, but..... i created a docker like you with the test build and must say : no errors, recordings work great, no transport errors or something while recording.. in short words: fantastic!! so, because my girlfriend is a heavy user of recordings and live-tv i will test one more days with this build to see if errors will come or not.
  9. i can, but i have to work today - so in the next 1,2 days! I am not really good @linux but the overal things how i install tvh in a vm i can do..
  10. i did everytime a fresh docker install. i use the docker "Linuxserver.io - TVHeadend" docker configuration like my older post the attached image + "--device=/dev/dvb" in the extra parameter for my "dd cine tv" search for channels tvheadend "/recordings/ for the records i mean nothing really special. like i do often before. can i do some logging that can help?
  11. But i think they will say its a docker problem (or tvh with docker problem) as tvh will work as expect in a normal installation. Nevertheless lots of thanks! but i think i will turn back to a vm.
  12. Ah, ok. But only in the tvh docker image? I had befor tvh installed in a vm and i cant remember a crash, i could play the recordings
  13. Id did install -latest / release-4.2 / stable-4.2.1 and no difference.
  14. ok, i have now really a problem. i did install the tvh docker about 10 times today with channel search etc. because of the following i can reproduce: delete the tvh docker with image. install new docker. configure tvh with channelsearch. record a channel few minutes. try to play the recorded in the webgui (through external player vlc) OR play a recording with tvhclient. it will come an error message from vlc and something crashed (i will logout from tvh in the same second) error message in the unraid log: Dec 13 18:57:42 tower kernel: traps: tvh:tcp-start[13124] general protection ip:56143abd62c9 sp:152b07181da0 error:0 in tvheadend[56143aa5f000+38c000] i delete the docker.img, i delete all configs in appdata, i do the whole day nothing other then try to get this working. can someone help me?