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  1. I was having some issues with the unifi-controller container. So I removed it and starting having issue with recreating the container. Reboot now the cache pool claims the following: SATA cables to both SSDs have been re-seated. Version 6.7.2 2019-06-25 My appdata appears to be gone. WTF is going on?
  2. Moved my install to new hardware with the same hard drives. Boot up and see that the cache appear off.. When I assign the SSDs it's seeing them as a "New Device" I am afraid to start the array. Not sure why the SSDs are being detected as new devices. Version 6.7.2 2019-06-25
  3. Thank you all. Yes I agree it appears I have misunderstood a lot. Lesson has been learnt!
  4. I meant to ask. What did I do wrong? After the "New Config" when I re-added the parity drive and disk1 (disk2) and checked the box that states that the parity is good. Shouldn't it have rebuild disk1 (disk2)?
  5. Thank the data hoarding gods! I will execute this once I get home. Thanks a lot Jorge!
  6. Disk1 has been kicking back an error although it rebuilds and functions for days then kicks an error causing me to have to rebuild. Man I can't wait to get home and rebuild that parity. So moving forward how should I go about doing this? Stop array Power off Remove disk1 (disk2) Insert disk1 Power on Here's where I get a bit confused New Config (Preserving Cache) Add same parity Add disk1 Start Array with correct passphase Allowing Unraid to rebuild parity Will it rebuild parity and leave disk1 as is?
  7. I assumed it had to seeing that I was now in theory moving disk2 to disk1's slot.
  8. Would the current keyfile still be valid for disk1? Would I be able to put back disk1 and recreate the parity?
  9. Here's my situation.. Unraid 6.7.2 4x10TB - Data 2x512GB - Cache Drives are encrypted As of late I've been receiving errors on two (Disk 1 & 3) of the 4 hard drives. I've had to rebuild four times already. Disk1 is the only drive with data. I decided to remove the two drives in question and re-use disk2 as disk1. I did a new config preserving the cache. Powered down and removed disk1 & 3. Booted up checked the box stating the parity drive is good. Disk2 now being used as disk1 was then added to the array as disk1 which then needed to be formatted and rebuilt. I used the same passphase to unlock the drive. After 14 hours of rebuild all of my docker containers are gone and so is my data. I have one folder which I assume was moved from cache. I still have the original disk1 untouched however I do not have a keyfile even though I know the passphase. Please tell me there's light at the end of this forsaken tunnel!
  10. Squid, As always thanks for the assistance. I'll check out Dolphin..
  11. We've already done this and it keeps happening. Once I remove and install it'll work for a one time use. After that it's broken all over again.
  12. So the developer of the container is on here. Maybe he can shine some light on our issues.