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  1. I have already ordered the HP :-) Br, Johannes
  2. Thanks, I think for Unraid the iLo is not that important. Either it is running or not... Br, Johannes
  3. Another Question: With Intel AMT I can get "Remote Console" and Power Controls? I really do not want to use a Monitor+Keyboard for Installation and Maintenance. EDIT: And what is the approximate PowerConsuption when running a basic UnRaid installation with ~3 Disks`? Br Johannes
  4. Hi, You are talking about this Server? HP ProLiant ML10 Gen9, Xeon E3-1225 v5 Currently available with 8GB RAM and 1TB HDD for less then 400 Euro... Very interesting...
  5. Dear All, I am running now since years an HP Microserver N40L on Gentoo as my Web- and App-Server. Starting now digitalising my BluRay Discs I need more disk space. As well my Owncloud is using more and more space so I am looking for a new HomeServer and I think UnRaid should fit perfectly to me. What do I want to run on the system: *) OwnCloud or NextCloud *) PiHole *) Maybe Proxy (if possible at all) *) Several small Websites on Apache, PHP, MySQL *) Emby Server (mostly direct streams but estimated 1 to 2 trancoded streams in the next 2 to 3 years) *) In future maybe TVHeadend *) Maybe 1 Windows VM for testing. The Server should run 24/7 so PowerConsumption is a topic. The Server will be located on my Cellar, RemoteManagement is needed. For the next 3 Years I think I will need not more then 8 to 10 TB HD-Space I am really happy with my HP MicroServer, espacially with the RemoteManagement Console as well as the Quality (Running since ~5 Years 24/7) so first I was looking into the Gen8 Series: Pro HP MicroServer: *) Remote Management *) Good Quality *) Low Power Consumption *) Cheap (the Celeron Version for 220 Euro) Contra HP MicroServer: *) only 5 SATA Drives possible (although maybe not more needed for me) *) only 2 SATA with SATA 6GB/s, the rest is 3 GB/s (is this noticeable in UnRaid) *) Poor Performace with Celeron compared to new Hardware *) Expensive and still old performance when using XEON (700 Euro out of the box or 500 Euro if using a used processor and replace the Celeron) Of course I have the knowledge to build my own Server, but I do not have the knowledge about the current architecture and best combination for my needs. Any recommendations? Best Regards, Johannes
  6. Hi, I am reading now a couple of days about UnRaid and it looks very interesting for me but I am not sure how I could implement it in my environment. So something about my current environment: I have seperated my homelan into two VLANs: LAN and DMZ In the DMZ I have a HP MicroServer N40L. This server is exposed to the internet via Port 80 and 443 for HTTP and HTTPS. On this server I am running several Webservices - the most important one is OwnCloud. In my LAN I have now since a couple of days multiple servers running: 1x RPi3 for PiHole and Unifi Controller 1x RPi3 for Media Server with 2 external Harddisks 1x Odroid C2 for LibreElec Now it already happend that the RPi3 for the MediaServer was to slow for EmbyTranscoding so I moved Emby to my Server in the DMZ. WIth all the Firewall Rules between the LAN and DMZ I think the concept of DMZ is obsolet. So I have now 2 possibilities: 1) Buy another Server (e.g. HP MicroServer Gen8) for LAN for all internal Services (Unify Controller, Emby, minidlna, PiHole, Proxy, in future maybe TVHEadend,...) and keep the Server in DMZ for OwnCLoud. Here I have two big disadvantages: 1st I need a second 24/7 Server and I still need a Server with a lot of storage in the DMZ for Owncloud. 2) Buy another Server (e.g. HP MicroServer Gen8) for LAN and migrate all Services from DMZ to LAN. Keep only 80 and 443 exposed to WAN (all other Services only via VPN). Keep the old Micro Server as Backup Hardware. Maybe a third option would be to but some Services via Dockers and VLAN to the DMZ but I am not sure if this really makes sense... What do you think? Br, Johannes