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  1. Thanks didn't think of checking the docker hub, will look there (i looked at the git page and didnt see anything)
  2. I guess its a misunderstanding on both parts. The first post is "old" before 5.11 came out, hence why "latest" was 5.10 at the time. Now that we are PAST 5.10 being the "latest" and "latest" now referring to 5.11, I was wondering if 5.10 was ADDED as a tag to force 5.10 builds, just like for example 5.9 forces just those builds. I noticed that the FIRST page being "old" and not updated. So I ask, does putting the tag 5.10 force a build to 5.10 or is there only the ones listed still on the outdated first post. latest - The most recent build version of the
  3. I don't get what you are saying? I know the builds exist for up to 5.11.xx, but the tags FORCED a specific version (5.9, 5.7 etc), I didn't see any mention of forcing 5.10.xx as a build option, so I asked. What is wrong with that? I was checking to see if maybe it was ADDED as the latest is 5.11 now and when this was first posted, the latest was 5.10 with 5.9 being very stable.
  4. Does linuxserver/unifi-controller:5.10 work? right now running linuxserver/unifi-controller:5.9
  5. does your calibre docker have an updated version? the RDP version is outdated also anyone get lazylibrarian to work well with the new libgen issues? Error fetching link data from libgen.io: Response status 503: service_unavailable always get that no matter what "mirror" i use. I can click the same link and click download myself WITHOUT getting this 503 error...and one of the best mirrors changed their layout so the parser does not work.
  6. As simple as the topic is, I just had my Windows VM off for a few days, without "noticing" as I do not check my VM status EVERY day. The unraid system did NOT restart, and I have it set to auto start. I think the problem was the windows VM had windows "updates" and caused a problem with the restart. Either way, is there a plugin, a program, a setting, or ANYTHING that I can use to monitor the status of my VM's so that if they are NOT running, I can be notified through an email or something stating this? (Set time doesn't matter, can be anytime or after x time or anything).....
  7. Just a thought, can you not point your Calibre database folder (or files it looks for) to the same Folder that your LL files download to? (I only speculate as I JUST am about to set this up, and you brought up the same valid question that I was thinking)
  8. I think i just give up......seriously. Fuck Cox and their blocking of port 80 just moved everything over to cloudflare, setup DNS, able to install letsencrypt using DNS, gets certs, still NOTHING effing works
  9. i put subdomain.domain.com pointing to unraidIP: PORT
  10. huh? So in proxy manager, I add that whole thing as the name?
  11. Port 180 forwarded to unraid:1880 and port 443 to unraid:18443 Proxy Manager ports are 1880 and 18443 respectively
  12. so right now i have port 180 forwarded to my unraid server..... port 180 is open per your site you gave me.... so I cannot use proxy manager then? since it can only listen on port 80 correcT?
  13. is this accomplished through proxy manager? or just opening up the few ports? could i setup a reverse proxy on an outside host? so domain.com would forward all requests to remotehost.com which would then put all requests to my homeip:180 (which runs the home reverse proxy)....im just so confused because of this stupid port block......