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  1. I'm using WordPress with this Docker. Is is possible to get FFMPEG installed in the next update? I want to be able to serve up Video.
  2. Not sure why this fixed the network but I deleted the network.cfg. Did a reboot and now the VM's now have access to the internet and the local network.
  3. I just did some trial and error test. Here is what I found out so far. I really need this work work on the local network and not on the virtual bridge network.
  4. I've been trying now for about a week to get my VM's working. The VM's can ping the local gateway. I can ping the VM's from other machines on the network. Yet the minute the VM tries to pull data from the internet it fails. I have gone in to Ubuntu VM and set a static IP. That didn't work. I have cleared the routing table in the VM and that didn't work. I deleted the Ubuntu system and recreated a fresh install and that didn't work. Not sure where else to go from here. The Unraid system has no problem accessing the internet. Also, VM system is set to use br0 for its network bridge. What else can I try? tower-diagnostics-20210309-1439.zip
  5. I did some testing and found that the windows VM will not pass traffic on the eth0 which is br0 on Unraid. So I plugged a wireless adapter in and did a test. All traffic will pass over the wireless adapter with not problem as long as I have eth0 disabled. I tried removing and re-installing the virtio driver for networking and this had no affect on the system. So this leads me to believe that Unraid br0 is the source of the problem.
  6. Ive tried these steps to get my VM's working and nothing is working correctly. What I'm seeing is any VM windows or Ubuntu can access the main domain of a site just fine, but when I try to access the subdomain they fail. I have no problem access a subdomain directly from Unraid using the wget command or the alternate boot to gui method. Ayn ideas on what I can try next. Unraid 6.9-rc2 VM bonded VM drivers virt and virt-io tested
  7. I've already limited the RAM based on the number of cameras. I now want to limit the amount of storage array zoneminder has access to.
  8. I just rebuilt my Docker and template file for Zoneminder. In addition I applied the recommended setting for memory. My question is each time I try to limit the amount of storage space that I want to allow Zoneminder to use. The program never accurately reflects this. For example lets say I just want to give it 10G for video storage. However, when I go into the user interface it shows my entire storage array amount of a couple to terabytes. How do I limit the amount of available storage for the docker container
  9. Is anyone else having problems getting Windows 10 to work?
  10. I'm trying to create a Windows 10 VM and turn it into gaming platform with Steam. This is my VM config. I've tries both types bios SeaBios and OVMF. I went through the processor list and all failed. What happens is the VM starts and I can make it to the enter your license key. Then it crashes. I looked in the logs. What am I doing wrong. windows 10 vm.pdf libvert.pdf VM log.pdf
  11. I'm having the same problem. My windows VM is set to never sleep or hibernate. Its predominately my Steam platform. I've attached the VM log. Once the VM crashed I'm unable to get it to restart without a reboot of the system. The KVM wont release the hardware. windows vm log.pdf
  12. Since the upgrade to 6.8.3 I've had no problems with the /mnt/user unmounting. Thanks for all the help it was appreciated.
  13. I'm pretty sure my cache pool is mounting. My windows vm's run from the cache pool. I look using the top command and under stats page for a quicker overview. My other Ubuntu system at work never fills up the memory to capacity. This is why I was wondering if that might be the problem.
  14. I've upgraded the disk that was failing to a newer disk. and still the system /mnt/user is unmounting. One thing I'm noticing is the memory. When a fresh reboot occurs the required amount of RAM is used. Then half of the available RAM is used as a cache. The rest remains unused. But, when I checked while at work the amount of available RAM was almost gone and was consumed by the cache portion. What might be causing this. Any suggestions. tower-diagnostics-20200212-1744.zip
  15. The disk is mounted and I can look through the contents with both the GUI and CLI. Here is a screen shot of the disk states. The thing that surprises me is the SMART test short and extended completed without error. Granted this is a WD Blue hard drive. I have a WD Red arriving today.