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  1. Yeah, I don't doubt there is, but I learn as I go with these things so I never really know what to look for. I've not tried cloning, not sure what's involved to do that. I did setup CA backup but upon checking it was set to delete old backups after 1 day so the only backup is of current appdata I would assume. In relation to logs, which ones? That may sound silly but there are various different ones. I've looked in some but I wouldn't necessarily know what would be abnormal.
  2. Yes, I upgraded and downgraded BIOS. The downgrade solved my fan issue so I was sure I was back to normality. There is no access to gui just says " refused to connect" I haven't just changed to the linuxserver container. I did this well over a year ago and has been working perfectly. It just stopped working after BIOS scenario. What I was pointing out was that when I originally changed over to the linuxserver container I used the appdata from the original container but as I just mentioned this has been working successfully for a very long time since I did the change. But if i change the appdata back to the one that is created with the container it will allow me to access gui, but of course this doesn't have my saved settings etc so asks to 'claim the server'. Hope that makes more sense, sorry for any confusion. Just trying to understand if BIOS up/downgrade is at fault.
  3. I posted this over on Reddit, but wondered if anyone could help here. I suppose I should have listened to the old saying "If it ain't broke don't fix it", but I didn't and decided to update the BIOS on my MSI motherboard. After experiencing an issue with the system fans all running at full speed after the update I decided to revert back to the original BIOS version. Upon restarting Unraid everything looked fine and sounded fine too! But upon trying to open the Unraid GUI I am faced with the error page "The site can't be reached". I can't even access it through the web either via plex.tv/desktop. I use to use a different docker for Plex and eventually changed over to linuxservers Plex docker, so I used the old appdata (PlexMediaServer) directory on linuxserver Plex docker to keep all my metadata and the like. Now if I use the original appdata directory (plex) it will let me show a plex related page but only for claiming my server, but of course, I have already done this. So it seems that when using the PlexMediaServer directory nothing works but the standard one does. All my other dockers work fine and as expected I even tried uninstalling the docker and reinstalling, but still to no avail. Does anyway have any helpful tips for this issue? Thanks in advance! (Not sure best place to find logs to post either to help pinpoint issues)
  4. Like many others, I'm having issues. Just updated to 6.7 Stable and wanted to get TimeMachine working. I have all the appropriate setting on both the SMB settings and the TimeMachine share settings. My issue is when I open TimeMachine on my mac it doesn't show any backup disks to select, I just have the option for 'Other AirPort Time Capsule' whereas when I had this working with AFP in the past it would obviously show up the share I created in unraid. Any help appreciated, Thanks.
  5. Ahh, thanks for that natecook. Worked a treat.
  6. I've just updated to version to 2.94 of Transmission but need to go back to version 2.93. Is there any way of doing this? Thanks for any help.
  7. Thanks for the reply. I have moved it to a USB 2 port and will see what happens (hopefully nothing haha). Could it be that the USB 3 port it was in was faulty then?
  8. So it's been 4 days since the last reboot and the issue has arisen again. I have grabbed the diagnostic zip and attached it before I rebooted it. devlinserver-diagnostics-20180505-1106.zip
  9. I last rebooted a day ago and haven't had the problem since. But it can vary time frame wise as to when it can happen again. I'll keep an eye out to see if it does it again. Its plugged into one of the motherboard ports on the back of the case. Should I try another USB port if the problems comes back again? Thanks
  10. Here is the Diagnostic zip. Thanks. devlinserver-diagnostics-20180501-2242.zip
  11. If referencing the "upgrade from 6.4.X to 6.5.1" section then most of that was OK. I never ran the 'update assistant' feature (as I wasn't aware of that until now) before the update but have done so just now and everything is showing as OK.
  12. Hi, I posted this over on the unRAID subreddit and somebody mentioned to post it here too as I may get a better answer. I've recently updated to 6.5.1 and had no issues for almost 24 hours. I then hopped onto the dashboard and my custom banner at the top had changed back to the original standard one (how I always no this issue has arisen) and also all my dockers had disappeared from the docker bar. There are other issues like a notification popping up at the top asking for me to enable or set up notifications, but of course I have done this already in the past. I've noticed the same issue on multiple other versions of unRAID in the past and it isn't always the same time period between failures. It's as if unRAID is losing it settings etc. I just do a reboot via the power menu on the GUI and it will reboot back up and be back to normal again, until the next failure. Also upon reboot the 'fix common problems' plugin states that the server has had an unclean shutdown and the server also starts a parity check, but I believe it is being shut down 'safely'. Any help would be greatly appreciated in helping me understand this issue, I'm getting better at understanding unRAID but not fully there yet so bare with me. One answer I did get was that the USB boot flash drive may be dying? Could this be the issue and if so why? The USB drive I'm using is a SanDisk Ultra Fit 16GB, bought June last year. Thanks again.