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  1. Any suggestions on how to run multiple copies of the Homebridge docker? I have some plugins giving me trouble and I wanted to segregate out the plugins. When I install a second copy they both run off the settings of whichever one starts first. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. Tried this again tonight on Unraid 6.5.3 and couldn't get it to work even after activating Enhanced OS X interoperability on the SMB settings. Anyone get this to work?
  3. Add me in for iSCSI support. Photos library on macOS needs to be hosted on a local drive. Would like to point to an iSCSI target to do that on my MacBook with a too small SSD. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. I followed Peter_sm's directions and fixed the Security and Setup warnings, but I am also having the Request Entity too Large when trying to upload files larger than a few hundred MB. Anyone have a solution for that?
  5. Thanks Bjonness406 and EdgarWallace (and of course kamhighway for the instructions). I had some typos along the way that of course messed the whole thing up. So I've got it working now if I got to but what I'd like to do is Right now that just goes to my default index page. Any directions for making that work?
  6. Apparently as of Mac OS Sierra 10.12, Time Machine can run over SMB. However there is some work that needs to happen to make this work, so not just any SMB share will appear. Apple has a specification page for Time Machine over SMB. I know LimeTech has wanted to drop AFP support, getting Time Machine running over SMB would surely drop my resistance to that!
  7. I seem to have fixed it. Looks like I had a lot of old VM related files from the v6.0 betas and beyond. I cleaned those up and then deleted my domains.cfg and reimported my XML and everything seems to be normal now. Move along . . . nothing to see here . . .
  8. Hi all, I recently upgraded from 6.1.8 to 6.2 and am having trouble with my VMs. I have toggled Enable VMs in the VM Manager and deleted my libvert.img and then turned back on. I get a list of my 3 VMs as was shown in 6.1.8 and they work fine. If I go to create a new VM - either by scratch XML or by template I get issues. First is when I hit the Create button on the template it just hangs on that screen. If I wait a while and then go to the list of the VMs, I see the newly created machine there, but the top of the page is filled with error messages: Warning: libvirt_domain_xml_xpath(): na
  9. I haven't been able to get an SMB mount to show up as an option in TimeMachine. Apple's documentation states "Note: Some SMB and AFP disks from manufacturers other than Apple don’t support Time Machine. If your network uses an SMB or AFP disk, but the disk doesn’t appear in the list of devices available for Time Machine backups, contact the disk’s manufacturer." So not sure what needs to happen for this to work on unRAID, but would love to see it happen. I know Lime Tech has wanted to shut off AFP for a while, this is the path to make that happen!
  10. So I'm stuck. I've got the container installed and reachable over my domain name and it serves us up the default landing page. I've got basic authentication enabled. But how do I get it to redirect to subdomains? so that goes to one docker and goes to another? Everything just goes to the same default page. Also, any help with doing this with owncloud or nextcloud would be greatly appreciated (as it's the primary point for me). here's my default config server { listen 443 ssl default_server; ssl_certificate /config/keys/fullchain.pem
  11. Thanks everyone for all the hard work on this. I'm stuck with a problem relating to VMs. When I go to the VM tab I see my 3 previously created VMs, all off as I RTFM and set them to not auto start. I wanted to check things out before starting them so I went to create a new VM by clicking on Templates and then selecting the OpenELEC prepackaged VM. It downloads the ISO just fine and then when I go to create the the VM (leaving everything at default) it just sits on "creating . . ." The folders are made in my appdata folder and the VM can run, but it never competes the creating step.
  12. I used to use Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection, but now I use the Crashplan-Desktop docker.
  13. Thanks, going to try this out today!
  14. Thanks for the help. I ran it three time and got the following message btrfs check --repair /dev/md3 enabling repair mode Checking filesystem on /dev/md3 UUID: a689b3d7-49ad-4e1f-94e4-73e7766234b8 checking extents Fixed 0 roots. checking free space cache cache and super generation don't match, space cache will be invalidated checking fs roots checking csums checking root refs found 655325340261 bytes used err is 0 total csum bytes: 639124824 total tree bytes: 861519872 total fs tree bytes: 134070272 total extent tree bytes: 46743552 btree space waste bytes: