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  1. main pc ( unraid , virtualization server), it's in the same room I sleep so I never leave it running 24/7h . so i thinking using remotely sonnar running in seedbox along with deluge, but i running in problem how to link my media seedbox with my unraid server. my seedbox capacity only 300gb so i can't store all my media in seedbox. Syncthing sync media perfectly, but I don't delete files in my seedbox. But then I move my media to another folder than sync Sonnar stop sync Maybe somebody has idea how use sonnar in seedbox then download files from seedbox and then seedbox deletes files that are downloaded into my unraid server
  2. I such situation that mine laptop hard drive broke down. and no extra income this month to replace it. I have two drives in raid 0 for my caches drive I thinking of removing one but I nicely set my docker containers.... it's possible some removing cache drive and not losing docker containers configuration?
  3. No of course not :DD just for cpu
  4. Hi , Am building my first unraid server main purpose run plex server (for two streams) and storage server and Vms ( for learning purpose (maybe in later time full time windows gaming vm for remote game streaming )) my budget is around 170 euros = 186 dollors Am thinking for buying ryzen 1400 Thanks for help in advance ^^