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  1. I'm having some difficulty with couchpotato/remote gtk as well. I'm not actually interested in CP but all the documentation references it so I thought if I could get that working the GTK stuff would fall in line. Daemon port is set to 58846 and 'allow remote connections' is checked. These settings are reflected in core.conf I've set a credential in the auth file as 'deluge:badpassword:10' to keep things simple. I've tried two configurations for LAN_NETWORK. At first, I thought that it was supposed to be my LAN IP address, so I put in since all the devices on my network have a subnet mask of However, ifconfig showed me that the lo adapter was using a netmask of so I also tried for this variable. I had the same results for both configurations: Can't connect to daemon, but can use webui & download torrents ok. I've tried launching binhex-delugevpn with the VPN feature disabled as well as enabled. The webui works and torrents download just fine with every lan_network + vpn enablement combination. I did notice this line in the log but I am not sure which password it's referring to since all the passwords I've entered so far contain no special characters. 2017-07-02 12:12:45,589 DEBG 'start-script' stdout output: [warn] Password contains characters which could cause authentication issues, please consider changing this if possible deluge log: https://pastebin.com/05d0ht5p couchpotato: http://i.imgur.com/ztDuuwm.png says to check logs but it doesn't actually write anything. I cleared logs, tested the connection, checked logs, and nothing was written.