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  1. Wow I have Google Wifi and just used the default which said it was Google's DNS, manually inputting Google's DNS fixed the issue. Thank you!
  2. HI, I've been having this problem for months now and have had little feedback, so anything would be helpful at this point. Problem stated a while back after a random shut off, then I couldn't access the Web Management, regardless of if I was using the IP, the server's name, or if I went directly from the unraid URL (ie. After some trouble shooting I found that turning off Use SSL/TLS in the management settings fixed the issue. I had to be off, both auto and yes did not work. When turned on, I get redirected from the IP to the unraid url but I get a " This site can’t be reached’s server IP address could not be found." error. I have attached my diagnostics. Thanks in advanced!
  3. Isn't local master for SMB groups? And wouldn't I be having the same issues with or without HTTPS on if that were the case? It also does not explain me not being able to access the GUI mode locally, so I still think my theory of a corrupt usb is correct. I can't see anything online about how to force the local master but I'm willing to try.
  4. This issue occurs with all browsers I tried. That includes chrome, chromium, firefox, safari and internet explorer. I have tried other addresses and the only thing that works is the ip address with https off. The error I get on chrome is "This site can’t be reached". Lastly I got the diagnostics from the gui mode of the server, so locally using a monitor connected to the server. But as of last night I began to have another issue. GUI mode now results in a blank screen. All the boot up command line stuff shows up and the command line still shows up in normal mode but I can not get gui mode to work (even in safe mode.) On an HDMI monitor it just went to sleep, and on a VGA monitor, it gives me a "resolution not supported" error. I changed nothing, and the gpu is fine as it works in all other OSs. I included another copy of the diagnostics. Because of this I believe the best course of action is to replace the USB drive. For this I will need another swap to be approved as I already used my key transfer for the year, and a tutorial on how to transfer all my configs over. Thank you
  5. So turning off HTTPS fixes the issue, but after turning it back on I have the same issue. SSL/TLS was originally on Auto, turning it off fixes it, and changing to Yes has the same issue. My HTTPS port is just 443.
  6. I have tried updating the DNS, and yes I do use HTTPS. The timing was after a reboot for an update, but that might be off because I don't access the GUI very often. I also use a static IP for the server. I can try disabling HTTPS after I get back from work. Thanks.
  7. Sorry probably should have done that in the first place. It's attached
  8. Hi, so I recently began to have an issue where I can access all my shares and ssh into my server, but I can not access the webgui from anything but the server itself. I've tried to restart both the server, and nginx, and my letsencrypt certificate is still valid. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. My server was working fine until last night when my router broke. As I couldn't use the server while my wifi was down I powered down and now whenever I attempt to reboot I get crashes that occur after 1-2 minutes of the server starting. The crash requires a hard reset to rectify. I first tried using safe mode, but just got the same errors. Then I tried using a new flash drive, just by copping everything over, but had the same issue. Then I tried downloading a new copy of unraid and only transferring the config to the new flash but that did not work either. I have also tried running windows to do stress testing and running mem test and both came out clear. At this point, I can't think of any other issues I might have. The server is connected to the internet and can send and receive files for the 2 minutes that it works. Any suggestions would be helpful, thank you. Edit: I was on 6.5.3 before switching flash drives and after I was on 6.6.6 Edit 2: Solved, was an issue with the cache drives and a combination of a few other things.
  10. Hi, The error I get is as follows: 2018-02-02 20:59:28 MANAGEMENT: >STATE:1517633968,WAIT,,,,,, 2018-02-02 20:59:28 WARNING: Bad encapsulated packet length from peer (18516), which must be > 0 and <= 1627 -- please ensure that --tun-mtu or --link-mtu is equal on both peers -- this condition could also indicate a possible active attack on the TCP link -- [Attempting restart...] I have tried connecting from tunnel blick and the android clients. I attached my network and server configs. Thanks in advance! network.cfg
  11. Hey, are there any reports of this working on 6.4? Ever since I updated I haven't been able to connect.
  12. Would it be possible to implement SR-IOV into Unraid? I specifically want it for SMB Direct, but there are other applications for it like using a single gpu for multiple vms.
  13. So I am building a new server, and I was looking for an HBA, and found this, and was wondering if I was any good. If you know of anything better, my max budget is around 75, and I need more than 8 SATA slots, I would also prefer internal ports but external are fine as well. Also, what are the advantages over the standard motherboard ports with an HBA, besides more ports and external enclosures/backplanes?
  14. I also have a 4tb hard drive, would it be possible to add that in, or do my parity drives have to be the same size of my largest drive? And yes these are drives I already own.
  15. Hi, I am planning an unraid box, and I was wondering how much storage I would be losing in double parity. My planned storage configuration is 6 2tb hard drives, and 2 128gb SSDs for the cache.