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  1. Cool, thanks. Will do tomorrow after work. With its ominous wording I figured I'd make sure before doing it ha. Sometimes it actually means something.
  2. OK, what I care about on it is being backed up again. So it's good to die if it needs to.
  3. Hi there, I'm in a weird issue. the UnRAID disk check says my drive has filesystem corruption, but I find it interesting that the system is fine until I've written 1 or 2 GBs of data to it. At that point it becomes I/O errors galore. So clearly it's messed up. When I went through the wiki article here on repairing drives with issues: It returns the following through both the UI and through a SSH session: xfs_repair -v /dev/md6 Phase 1 - find and verify superblock... - block cache si
  4. While this was not the fix, it did help me generate a useful error in the logs. Seems like something went weird on one of my disks causing I/O locks in specific containers and even some whole shares (the downloads folder being one of them). After a reboot and some clean-up this seems to be working again, though I will need to keep an eye on the drive which is normal procedure I guess (it's one of my oldest). Though thanks for trying and showing me that Chrome add-on, I'm totally using it!
  5. Hi there, maybe someone could help me out. I posted the issue on the GitHub issue tracker here because that's my default place to put issues as a developer lol: Synopsis is that the container is running, VPN is seemingly connected fine, web UI shows up, but when I try to add a torrent by Torrent file (.torrent) I get "Failed to upload torrent" and there doesn't seem to be a log in sight about it. Since the UI works otherwise I can only assume the setting are correct. I've tried turning off Privoxy AND VPN all together and still g
  6. Well, I can't thank you enough! After updating the firmware I see 0 read errors and the CRC errors have completely stopped increasing on all drives. Thanks a bunch for pointing this out, I would NEVER have thought of this being an issue.
  7. OK, will try that. Thanks for pointing me in a direction!
  8. What would be the path forward do you think then? I'm not sure what I should do. I have multiple disks reporting read errors, but none show issues other than the CRC errors in SMART. Should I stop the rebuild, flash the firmware, and then... what? Rebuild if a parity check goes well?
  9. Interesting. Otherwise, if you don't me asking, but does the system look fine at a cursory glance? I do still have UNRAID reporting high read errors as well. Other than the glaring "its rebuilding a drive" thing of course.
  10. is that a newer issue or has it been that way since before v6? I only got into UNRAID as v6 was launching and don't remember there being an issue until recently?
  11. Quick update. After I finished writing this I noticed that my SATA cable based drives were also getting these errors, but not all of them. The Parity drive is reporting 0 over its entire life, but the drive nearest it is showing an increasing, but slower than other drive on the SAS to SATA breakouts, number of CRC errors. This maybe leads to a combination of the cables and the cages? I really don't know at this point.
  12. Hi there, After digging around on Google and the forums I believe the issues with my array come down to the issue that I am getting UDMA CRC errors on a number of my drives, but honestly I'm not sure where to begin looking at the cause. In my eyes, and from reading, I believe it could be one or a combination of 3 things: My SAS to SATA cables (maybe they are cross-talking and the likely candidate?) - I've tried 2 different brands but still get the issue, though both brands the cables looked the same, just slightly different colours. -
  13. You may have found it. I thought I had updated it, and while I need to go into the BIOS to be sure this is one of the update features on the second to last update they gave: I have VT enabled. I will try these BIOS updates if the server crashes otherwise I'll try them tomorrow night by gracefully shutting it down.
  14. 1) It seems the BIOS is fully updated, but I'll check again. 2) brand new PSU, replaced the original PSU. Tested the PSU on my main PC and it ran it fine for 3 days. 3) All the RAM is identical and was purchased at the same time. 4) RAM meets the mobo's requirements and is within their spec. 5) This is the one I can't decide if it is the problem. I have 4 fans in the case, one over the HDDs that's an intake, 1 more intake on the side, and 2 exhaust (back and top). I've had this issue happen with the fans in place and the case closed and with the side fan removed and the case fully open
  15. I have a monitor hooked up to it and was looking at it once when it happened, there was no shutdown procedure so it was a hard power off, the screen just went black and then the BIOS boot screen, that's where my thought of it being the PSU came from originally.