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  1. Thanks for that. Something I learned. Oops! I found the source of the problem when I noted that I was getting x certificate errors when trying to download new dockers: The Unraid clock was out by 6 months! [SOLVED!].
  2. I don't know if its is related or coincidence. But following a power cut last week, I started the server up; it did a parity and all VM's and dockers working. However, I now note that all dockers say "Update ready". When I try and click update, it shows there is nothing to download as I am up-to-date. The automatic updates still work and Unraid notifies me when its updated a docker but the "Update ready" icon shows for all of them, all of the time. Do I need to delete the docker image and reload all the templates again in the hope it might clear it? (A job I might put off for a while as I'd need to remember all the docker additional paths i added to unassigned drives which is a pain).
  3. Thanks for reply. I stayed away from USB3 and the lastest ones. Unfortunately, it appears the replacement key (with the old USB files and keyfile won't replace an already blacklisted key (which I didn't know). So waiting for support to reply over the next 3 days. I am living off backups and cloud for now and all my phones waiting for nextcloud docker to be back online 😞
  4. I was using those popular WHITE INTERGRAL Keys with the side-loaded sd Kingston card adapter. I didn't know serials could clash in this world; thinking every unit was unique. But having stop and started the array back in June with no problems, someone, somewhere in the world must have the same serial since June. 😞
  5. Thanks for your reply.. Just found a Sancruzer 8gb USB2 (4GB's are hard to find these days). Should arrive tomorrow and then I can email limetech them for a replacement key.
  6. Upgraded today to v6.6.1 On 2x Unraid servers (2 separate licenses). My unraid backup server uses a USB flash plugged into the back and that upgraded OK. However, my main Unraid server uses a microSD card inside an adapter, inside a USB card reader which is on a mini USB cable to a motherboard socket. Yes, a bit convoluted, but all I had at the time. That has since become 'blacklisted'. I tried rebooting and adding in the https:// keygen link for the GUID I purchased against, but too late - it is blacklisted. The unraid GUI says this can sometimes happen if you use 'card readers' :-( So I guess I will need to order a new USB key with a new GUID and then somehow, request a new keyfile? (with receipts and proof?)
  7. It came back - it must have been doing some housekeeping. I found it Doh! "Remove" oh, you mean that 'remove', that one? - LOL. Oh yeah. I was expecting a nice active grey button per-row, like the plugin page. There's nothing like consistency. {I have to blame someone!} I am just trying to find something to sync my array to another backup NAS (as Windoze SMB and Windoze sync progs are too slow). I was hoping for an Rsync plugin, but I guess I'll play with scripts or leave windows running overnight. Thanks. J.
  8. Thanks. When I did that It only showed me the docker's config fields. I'll try in another browser, it could be some ad-blocker preventing me from seeing it, as I know sometimes those tickboxes don't show for me unless I use IE. Unfortunately, TOWER has gone into one of its sulks again now, as the WEB GUI is not resolving - it does this from time to time - but its shares are still working. So I'll try again in the morning, when it has stopped sulking.
  9. Hi, I just tried resilio-sync docker to see what it was like, but the web-gui just kept prompting for username / password and didn't accept anything I entered. So I decided to get rid of it, but where's the 'delete' button on dockers?
  10. Went funny on me again today: no permission. CHMOD and CHOWN didn't help. Cleared windows credentials and....ugh! Tested with OMV which is my backup clone server and it prompted for credentials on both machines and worked with no issues. Simples. So I think, given this was a showstopper for me, I've decided not to purchase UNraid and instead go with OMV. :-) EDIT: I ended up creating another Admin account in Win7; deleted the original admin account and then it worked with Unraid. I've no idea what was sticking in the original Win7 account.
  11. Hi, I am new to Unraid and still in the evaluation period with a modest 3 x 2TB + 2TB Parity + SSD cache. I am an OMV user too. So far I've had to jump through a few 'gotchas' where the instructions have not covered certain things you needed to have known in a certain order, like preclear and the fact that ad-blockers stop you seeing vital tick-boxes on your admin pages! You know, that sort of thing. However, my latest problem has me stumped. I've set up a bucnh of shares on Unraid - a mixture of privacy and secure with me having read/write access to all of them. I then access unraid, via SMB, from two separate windows-7 machines. Both in the same workgroup, both with the same Windows username and password, but both have different computer names. On Windows PC 1, I can read/write and create directories in Unraid. However, when I used WIndows7 PC 2 and try to enter the same share and try to create a directory, it immediately says "You need permission to perform this action". I was at least expecting it to prompt me for my Unraid (user) username/password to the share. But no, it just tells me I don't have permission without giving me a chance to speak! I ran an UNraid permissions script from the tools tab which I believe sets all files and directory ownership to nobody, just to ensure nothing is 'owned'. But then again, I am not getting through with PC2 to even own anything anyway. Short of changing all my shares to 'public'. Is there anything else I can do. Of course you could just tell me: That's Microsoft for you. But I don't have the same problem on something like OMV for example where it prompts for my server user/pass on any new session and remembers it to the end.