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  1. Looks like its now all sorted. Thanks again to both of you, @trurland @JorgeB, for your assistance with this.
  2. Not knowing how to clone, I've just created a new config, brought back Disk 2 and parity is rebuilding. Is there any point in going through any Checks afterwards ? Also, I assume that the old parity disk is fine and no need to go through any preclear ? Its was there a year or two'ish ? I think.
  3. ok, so 3rd check finished with 0 errors, Disk 2 is probably the culprit. What are next steps now ? Bring back Disk 2 Rebuild parity Should I still do any checks afterwards Then treat it as a disk replacement ? Replacing Disk 2 with my previous parity disk Or is there a different process ? Thanks, Jim.....
  4. Cool. Check finished with 0 errors. Will kick off another.
  5. Almost done now,.. I'll run another overnight then. Would it be a safe assumption that original parity disk is still good? As I figure if 'Disk 2' is the culprit that I replace it with the original parity disk.
  6. Latest update is looking good so far. Assume if it gets thru this check with 0 errors, that Disk 2 was the issue ?
  7. Thanks. Retrying without Disk 2 now, (the other older 2TB drive) Gut feel is the 4TB that's running hotter than the rest,.. its also sitting vertical in the cage not at the top (Disk 1 is at the top in the DVD bay) which is the one I'd have thought would be the warmest
  8. OK, so after the parity rebuild following the removal of Disk 1, I got errors and then repeating the check started to get errors again as per screenshots below. I figure there's no point in letting the check finish - is that right ?
  9. I cancelled the check. Think I did all the right things. Deselected just one of the older disks first. Its now rebuilding the parity. Guess the rebuild will probably take about a day. Two parity checks afterwards? If it gets through, then Disk 1 was the culprit. If I still get errors, repeat, bringing back Disk 1 and taking out Disk 2,.. parity rebuild, parity checks x 2. And same again with other disks if I continue to get errors.
  10. Should I wait till the current check finishes ?
  11. Just an update,.. I replaced the parity disk and it looks like the problem has gone away from what I can see below. Am just doing another check, hopefully it comes back with 0 as well.
  12. Managed to stop the array to have a look at the 'New config' function. When preserving the config,.. do I select all here ? and then close ? And then check 'yes I want to do this' and click Done ? Where does the option to de-select a disk come up ? Will it come up afterwards ? or elsewhere ? Sorry for what might seem like basic questions.
  13. Thanks for confirming,.. appreciate it,.. guess I go shopping for a disk.
  14. Reading up on the 'new array' bit,... is this the section describing that? https://wiki.unraid.net/UnRAID_6/Storage_Management#Reset_the_array_configuration So from the guide: Before starting, save super.dat from Config folder before I start any array changes. Stop the array Tools > New config Click the checkbox to preserve the config; assume there'll be an option to de-select a disk ? Assume there'll be an option to Save changes ? Start the array; it mentions a checkbox indicating whether 'parity is valid' and normally to leave it unchecked