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  1. Looks like its now all sorted. Thanks again to both of you, @trurland @JorgeB, for your assistance with this.
  2. Not knowing how to clone, I've just created a new config, brought back Disk 2 and parity is rebuilding. Is there any point in going through any Checks afterwards ? Also, I assume that the old parity disk is fine and no need to go through any preclear ? Its was there a year or two'ish ? I think.
  3. ok, so 3rd check finished with 0 errors, Disk 2 is probably the culprit. What are next steps now ? Bring back Disk 2 Rebuild parity Should I still do any checks afterwards Then treat it as a disk replacement ? Replacing Disk 2 with my previous parity disk Or is there a different process ? Thanks, Jim.....
  4. Cool. Check finished with 0 errors. Will kick off another.
  5. Almost done now,.. I'll run another overnight then. Would it be a safe assumption that original parity disk is still good? As I figure if 'Disk 2' is the culprit that I replace it with the original parity disk.
  6. Latest update is looking good so far. Assume if it gets thru this check with 0 errors, that Disk 2 was the issue ?
  7. Thanks. Retrying without Disk 2 now, (the other older 2TB drive) Gut feel is the 4TB that's running hotter than the rest,.. its also sitting vertical in the cage not at the top (Disk 1 is at the top in the DVD bay) which is the one I'd have thought would be the warmest
  8. OK, so after the parity rebuild following the removal of Disk 1, I got errors and then repeating the check started to get errors again as per screenshots below. I figure there's no point in letting the check finish - is that right ?
  9. I cancelled the check. Think I did all the right things. Deselected just one of the older disks first. Its now rebuilding the parity. Guess the rebuild will probably take about a day. Two parity checks afterwards? If it gets through, then Disk 1 was the culprit. If I still get errors, repeat, bringing back Disk 1 and taking out Disk 2,.. parity rebuild, parity checks x 2. And same again with other disks if I continue to get errors.
  10. Should I wait till the current check finishes ?
  11. Just an update,.. I replaced the parity disk and it looks like the problem has gone away from what I can see below. Am just doing another check, hopefully it comes back with 0 as well.
  12. Managed to stop the array to have a look at the 'New config' function. When preserving the config,.. do I select all here ? and then close ? And then check 'yes I want to do this' and click Done ? Where does the option to de-select a disk come up ? Will it come up afterwards ? or elsewhere ? Sorry for what might seem like basic questions.
  13. Thanks for confirming,.. appreciate it,.. guess I go shopping for a disk.
  14. Reading up on the 'new array' bit,... is this the section describing that? https://wiki.unraid.net/UnRAID_6/Storage_Management#Reset_the_array_configuration So from the guide: Before starting, save super.dat from Config folder before I start any array changes. Stop the array Tools > New config Click the checkbox to preserve the config; assume there'll be an option to de-select a disk ? Assume there'll be an option to Save changes ? Start the array; it mentions a checkbox indicating whether 'parity is valid' and normally to leave it unchecked unless told otherwise? check or uncheck? Do a parity check ? No errors from (6) chances are disk de-selected in (3) is suspect; stop here and replace disk ? and will reach out on how to bring in the new disk given the array config changes that have occurred here (I was thinking restore original config super.old to super.dat and then standard disk swap?) Errors from (6) back to (1) and this time for (3) de-select a different disk and include the one de-selected from previous run And all of this is only after I: buy a new parity disk replace the parity disk do 2 checks and still have errors after the 2nd check Sound right ?