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  1. So I rebooted the server yesterday and things were fine before and I thought after but when I woke up this morning, my parity drive was in the process of a read-check and had some weird numbers Temp Reads Writes Errors * 23,214,889,176,533 0 2558 i have no idea what's going on? THis is a fairly new drive, maybe 3 months old, 8TB, and I precleared it just fine. I'm on the most recent beta btw Dec 10 07:52:39 Tower emhttpd: req (6): cmdSpinup=parity&csrf_token=**************** Dec 10 07:52:39 Tower kernel: mdcmd (61): spinup 0 Dec 10 07:52:39 Tower kernel: md: do_drive_cmd: lock_bdev error: -2 Dec 10 07:57:48 Tower emhttpd: req (7): cmdSpindown=parity&csrf_token=**************** Dec 10 07:57:48 Tower emhttpd: error: mdcmd, 2631: No such file or directory (2): write
  2. Has anyone had any success with Bitwarden password manager on unraid? Bitwarden Seems easy to do but without docker compose I'm a little lost on how to install Edit: ok, just pulled down docker compose (guess I'll have to do that every reboot) and installed. Everything seems to work ok but the docker tab is cluttered with 7 additional docker items from the install. I'm sure there is a cleaner way Edit2: nevermind, can't seem to create an account, uninstalling for now
  3. I have exact same problem, CMOS battery is fine but exact same symptoms.
  4. Does C-State even matter now that there are fixes in the beta? What is the recommended c-State if you are on the beta?
  5. I'll give that a go. Turns out it was the mouse wireless USB that just doesn't seem to work. It is for the MS Sculpt mouse. I tried another wireless mouse and it works fine so must be something with that particular mouse
  6. I've tried various ports and no go, the wireless mouse will work for about 20 seconds then die. I've also just tried passing the whole port over but I can't do it since the two Iommus that have USB also have other crap on them. I am so close! I shelved unraid about 3 months ago because of this same issue but I never asked for help so hopefully someone has the same problem I was plugged into USB2 ports but also tried USB3 with the unraid setting but still no go.
  7. so I really want to run windows vm on my ryzen rig with a asrock ab350 pro4 motherboard. I can get it to boot and I have windows installed but am really having issues with USB. Keyboard works but my mouse (both wired and wireless tried) are not working or they will work sporadically. I tried to pass through in the edit screen of VM but that is sporadic. I also tried to pass through USB Iommu group but that just kicks out error. Sorry I am really new and not sure if there is anything I can do?
  8. Ah..I see now, it's different than subsonic, I found out how to make a playlist and it works!
  9. Yes, please, any and all details would be appreciated (including VM XML) since I am just about to switch my ryzen system to unraid with vm passthrough. I don't really game but have a Radeon Sapphire R9 380X card. Are your stutters in gaming or just using windows 10?
  10. Anyone have any luck with playlists? I added a path for playlists but it doesn't seem to register with airsonic. Subsonic docker works fine
  11. I'll try again later since repo might not be updated yet? Unable to find image 'binhex/arch-airsonic:latest' locally /usr/bin/docker: Error response from daemon: manifest for binhex/arch-airsonic:latest not found. See '/usr/bin/docker run --help'. FYI, thanks for putting this up been wanting to try it!