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  1. Hi Markus! SFTP is creating the users in the container from the users.conf file on the first run, but it does not appear to handle when users are added to the file and the docker is restarted. Is it possible to have the container add additional users that may be added to the users.conf file after the first run? It would also be pretty sweet if the startup script could also update the user passwords using the users.conf file on startup, making it possible to manage users without using the containers shell.
  2. Hi MarkusMcNugens, I've installed the sftp docker, configured users with users.conf, and added user keys. I can see that the docker created the users appropriately and copied the user keys to their respective authorized_keys files as well as copied the userkey files to their respective folders correctly. The problem I'm having is that when I connect to the SFTP server, I'm able to log in without using my userkey in my client (only the password is required). I've restarted the docker, but the issue persists.