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  1. Can anyone recommend a motherboard, without completely breaking the bank, that will allow me to use Dynamix AutoFan Control to operate based on hard drive temp, rather than CPU temp? Does such a thing exist? Or is there a way to do it as an addon?
  2. Thanks, I just tried that and no luck. I even rebooted with dockers disabled and couldn't delete the folder. No error, but it doesn't disappear. I looked at the folder properties and it has a "box" in the "read only" line. I turned that off, applied to all sub folders, but the box comes back the next time you look at properties Also turned on hidden files, and nothing shows up.
  3. I double checked to be sure and the docker folder that hasn't deleted, is definitely not running. It's Krusader which is only used once in a great while.
  4. Any help out there on this issue?
  5. I've been working on solving my "high write issue" after upgrading to 6.9.2, and last night used the Mover Method described here: Verdict on success is still out. I am up and running fine, but think at least one docker is still creating an issue, but will need to gather data on that tonight if true. After completing the move back to cache, restoring my cache settings, and things returning to normal, there is a single string of folders with no files left in my temp "appdata" folder
  6. So, as soon as the Mover is done (1/3 done now), I'll be removing and re-creating the cache pool with the 1MB aligned MBR. This should create all the settings correctly, yes?
  7. Well when I changed from Cache None to Cache Yes, it still didn't enable the use of cache so the mover didnt work. Adding the command line by hand did. Not sure if having my cache sent to No during the upgrade and then trying to swap to Yes, meant it wouldn't create the command line.
  8. This server has been used and upgraded since .. I think... version 4... which ever was back when 2TB was the largest allowed by the system. I think that qualifies as a definitive yes, its been around a while. Obviously the hardware is kept up with. Generally, the system is rock solid and trouble free. (save the occasional upgrade related troubleshooting like this) The cache drive came into the picture when I started running Plex (my first use of dockers) and that had to be 5 or 6 years ago, and then added the cache pool.
  9. Thanks, just rebooted and will confirm everything worked.
  10. Thanks! When go back to not using the "mover" again, do I get rid of this or just leave it in place?
  11. I only use Cache for Dockers / Appdata, and Transcoding for Plex, so normally all my Cache shares are Cache:Only. I've recently upgraded to 6.9.2 and discovered I was having the excessive write issues on Cache so trying to resolve that using the "Mover Method" described here: I've changed my Cache settings to Cache:Yes Selected Disk 4 for the location and removed Disk 4 from the exclusions When I click "Move" the screen refreshes but nothing happens. I looked
  12. Sorry that was probably confusing. 40C....110F I swapped to F this morning so I could quit doing the gymnastics in my head to convert. Short version they are running in the high 90's to 110 (F) when in use. The big difference is they seem to constantly be in use, all day. This is a change since upgrading Plex from 6.8.2 to 6.9.2
  13. Does anyone have insight on this? Both cache drives running 105-110 F tonight with no apparent need to be running.
  14. I use two 250 GB Samsung 250 EVO SSD's for cache. Ever since upgrading to 6.9.2 (I never used 6.9.0 or 6.9.1) it seems like something is constantly in use on the cache drives and I get 20 warnings a day about them exceeding 40 degrees. I bumped the warning to 43 and now the warnings are rare, but obviously.. not the best fix. Any idea what changed in 6.9.2 that keeps my cache drives burning? My signature is current with Dockers/Plugins and hardware. Plex would be a culprit for using Cache to transcode, but clearly this is more than just Plex. The amount of usage changed