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  1. @fr05ty Some games have to be unpacked before use, and will get bottlenecked by that, so is it all things that run slow or? Or just one thing?
  2. Thanks for the feedback, i am going to see what i can do in the next update. It might a while though as i am currently moving from Denmark to Berlin. Might find sometime in August. The plan is to include a way to add custom Adresses and change other ones so it can work on Comcast
  3. I will see what i can do when i get some time. I have heard it works here: (The guys that made the Docker containers that i combined) but to get that to work you need to change the port for the unraid WebUi, and run these two too:,
  4. Hi, i had this when i made the container, worked for me to uninstall and reinstall Hope it helps!
  5. I unfortunately it has to be connected to the internet, Steam Cache works by acting as a DNS and when you are downloading it sees you are contacting steam, and asking for a package it then checks to see if it has it already. If it has: HIT, you get it locally. If it doesn't: MISS, you get it from the internet. If you are the only one on the network steamcache is not a good solution, only if you have a few Gamers on the network. Hope that answered you question
  6. Thanks, i will write you if i need testing
  7. @exico I am working converting it to the new SteamCache/monolithic, if i can get it to work you should be able to fork uklans/cache-domains and paste the url into "CACHE_DOMAIN_REPO" and add all the ones you want. I see apple's has been added Thanks for the suggestion anyways!
  8. Have now When i add the fork awawis (on github) made, i will see if i can add something like that under the advanced tab, or at least make the file editable from appdata. I still have a lot on plate, but in january I should have more time on my hands to update the docker @jzawacki
  9. It really should be faster, how much ram have you given it? Could also be it doesn't hit on all the files, sometimes you have to wait a day or two so your cache has been warmed up, it sounds weird but it has happened to me
  10. Well there is really no need to put it on an SSD unless you have a 10 Gig network, HDD should be fine with a 1 gig network. Besides some game files you have unpack, so your CPU will be the bottleneck if you have the cache on a fast SSD and a 10 gig network This is really a bandwidth saver, the speed is just a niceness thing!
  11. @enigma27 I have never used pfSense, have you watched this video? Setup the dns on your local machine and do this: Terminal (Mac/Linux): dig @X.X.X.X +short Power Shell (Windows): Resolve-DnsName -server X.X.X.X If it returns a local IP you should be good. Try downloading something on steam and see if it hits or misses. If that works it is a pfSense problem. If it is a problem with SteamCache i will need you to turn off privileged and send pictures of the errors and setup
  12. Hi @enigma27 Sorry for the very late response, i have been super swamped with work and school. Try running it with privileged off. And send me the errors
  13. No problem @mrcake! If you use Pi-hole you just have to adjust your DNS setting in it. If you haven't used it before you should give it a go!
  14. @mrcake Weird! What does the docker logs say, is everything running? Just to make sure, have you tried changing the dns on your router? Or are you just testing it in windows? It could help since there probably are some DNSSec settings on the router that could interfere. And lastly are you running any VPN on the windows client?
  15. Hi there! As @nuhll said, there if powershell gives the correct IP there should't be a problem Sometimes it takes some time for the client to get the hint. How long have you waited? Also if the steamcache IP is different from UnRaid's IP there is no reason to change its ports