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  1. Having the ability to run multiple VMs is one of the major pluses for unraid. but with not enough slots on the motherboard for having a multiple usb cards for passthrough or finer control of bluetooth devices. Having the some more finer iommu group control so that users can use wider variety of pcie multi cards. like whats discussed in this forum post or using pcie expansion systems like thisµcube3-metal-expansion-enclosure-5-pcie-x4-slots .
  2. Hi, So from reading thru this thread, the Sonnet card is the best and only working choice for whose who want to run a multi controller usb card with unraid seamlessly. It would be nice if someone created a database for these things, save some people some money lol
  3. That may be the case but going to 6.4.1 was not a smooth transition. I had many things broken include my shares when upgrading to 6.4.1. So forgive me if i'm not on the 100% bug free software camp.
  4. yep its a Intel Xeon E5 2609 V4 ES that i got off ebay for like $100 when my Xeon E5-2620v3 died last year. I plan to replace it with a 10 core chip around summer I will do more tests once I get another card and I'll let you know the results Thanks for the support guys appreciate it.
  5. Trust me, I spent days experiment with this. I don't have another sas card yet so I can't do a comparison tests. As you see in the picture attached. Nothing is tied down(total mess). My server has a 17 drive + 1 esata drive capacity at this time 10- Sata ports are on the motherboard 8- LSI LOGIC SAS 9207-8i Storage Controller At this time i'm using this Until I get a new SAS card. I will have my 9207card run in my other system and see if I receive e
  6. I have had that Card for about 2-3 years never had issues with it. Its currently in another machine testing(so far no errors). I did buy new SFF cables and did got errors. I plan to get a new sas card(16 drive sas expander) in the fufure and see what happens then
  7. Well it looks like Unraid 6.4.1does not like my SAS 9207-8i card at all. Looks like have to stick to the sata ports on the mobo for now
  8. The sff cable isnt connected to directly to the hard drives but to the Drive docks (pcie sas card -> Sff cable-> 3.5 to 5.25 drive bay enclousure sata ports ->Hard Drive). I will try a direct connect and see whats happen
  9. Hi, Since updating to version 6.4.1 I have been getting alot of udma crc errors especailly on the drive bays that are connected to my LSI card. The counts is over 1000 and it keeps generating errors whenever i parity sync. Current setup- 8 Drives connected via Sata straight to the motherboard and the rest connected using the parts below. Rosewill 3 x 5.25-Inch to 4 x 3.5-Inch Hot-swap SATAIII/SAS Hard Disk Drive Cage - Black (RSV-SATA-Cage-34)
  10. And what do you do if the error still occurs even after replacing the Sata Cables?
  11. It is all good now. Nothing changed after I ran the filesystem check but I did a full reboot and my shares popped up again. Thanks for the great help. Love this community.
  12. thanks, I will run a Filestem check for disk 1 right away The ata8.00: ATA-8: ST3000VN000 is an unassigned device not apart of the raid I will remove it from the system when I get in from work
  13. Here you go. The Diagnostic
  14. I did see someone who suggested that. It didn't show up on any browsers with no extensions.
  15. Firstly, Let me say this forum has help me so much, Keep up with all great support. So on to my issue. I had an issues with some drives which I replaced with larger one, I even upgraded my parity drive. After all the rebuild and re-syncs where completed I notice I was unable to smb or afp into the shares. The share folders were not visible within unraid either, but when I explore the disks the folders are there and shares are listed in the config folder of the flash drive. I even did an upgrade from 6.1.5 to 6.3.5, remove the VMs and Dockers but still no luck on getting the shares