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  1. System Autofan does not work on my unRAID system. There are no options in "PWM Controller". My motherboard supports PWM for the CPU fan, but nothing happens when I clicked "Detect" for "PWM fan" and "Minimum PWM value"
  2. I have replaced the SATA cables for two disks with "UDMA CRC error count" warning, but the their raw values remain unchanged after rebooting the system. I even swapped one of them with another disk that has no any SMART attribute warning, but still the same. Do I have to wait for a while so that the values will be refreshed? Or can I re-scan the SMART attributes manually?
  3. This is my disk usage All shares have set to use the "High-water" allocation method, and most of them have set to use "any directory" split level. Whenever I download some files to one of the "any directory" share, most of the time the files go to disk1. Is it because of the capacity difference between the disks? I want to move the files between the disks based on the current shares' settings, so that the files can be distributed to the disks more evenly. The goal is to make the disks having similar free space.
  4. Thank you for the explanation. Can you tell me more about the differences between the values of the two disks? The values of the same attribute of both disks are same, but why only the first one shows the warning? And most of the values are currently at their worst cases, isn't that a bad sign?
  5. I have 2 Toshiba 4TB HDDs (same model, different serial numbers), used for 2-3 years and 5 months respectively. The 2-3 years one: The 5 months one: What is the the difference between "Value" and "Raw Value"? The "Values" of the highlighted attributes in the first HDD are same as the second one, but the "Raw Values" are different, why would this happen? Does "Value" mean the current value? I see most of them equal to their "Worst". If yes, does it mean that both two HDDs are doing their worst? And most importantly,
  6. I see. Are the first 2 questions correct?
  7. Thanks for the answer. So I guess this is just a CNAME record on the `` DNS, pointing to ``? And since `<some random hex characters>` is accessible on my local network, the browser knows that it equals to ``, that's why I got redirected when I access ``? Lastly, there is never nothing deal with my public address?
  8. Just out of curiosity. After issuing the certificate, I am being redirected to `https://<some random hex characters>` when I browse to the web UI with the URL ``. Did unRAID create a subdomain `<some random hex characters>` that pointed to my local IP address? Can someone explain this? I am a programmer but just not so advanced in networking, so technical terms should be okay.
  9. I updated to 6.4.0 through the webGUI from the link "Download Now" on the bottom of the page. After that, I rebooted the system from the webGUI as suggested, and then the system won't boot properly anymore. (Attached the screenshot of the system) I have tried booting in Legacy and UEFI modes, and re-run the script "make_bootable", but no luck. For this moment, I re-installed 6.3.5 and recovered the "config" folder from backup, everything works fine again in 6.3.5. Did anyone have the same experience and solve the issue?
  10. I don't remember whether ldconfig is installed by me or the system. So how to get rid of the error? Is there a 64-bit version ldconfig?
  11. I am planning to install the Nvidia driver on the unRAID host OS to use the nvidia-docker. But it seems that I am the first person to do this, I encountered a few problems that even Google couldn't help. I cannot install Nvidia driver on unRAID. I downloaded a .run file from The installer requires a few packages, "binutils", "GNU make" and "gcc". I downloaded these packages from, and ran "installpkg" for each of them. All of them output the same error "ldconfig: cannot exec
  12. I think I could always be able to download the .key file from the link in the email anytime, but that's a good suggestion in case of any network failure. I scheduled to backup the flash drive daily in the unRAID system, I think that's good enough. Actually I have already encountered the data loss few times (luckily, most of them are metadata) and learnt how important backup is.