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  1. I too am getting the "Starting Plex Media Server." spam. And i don't quite understand what why this is happening now. It's been quite some time since i updated unraid, and i have never had any issues in the last few years. I have a 3TB drive and a 120GB SSD for docker appdata. Appdata is located on the ssd: /mnt/disk1/docker/appdata/plex Is my library fucked? Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi Guys I'd like to deploy a custom docker image to docker in unraid, but i don't know how to make unraid retrieve the image. I have tried spinning up a docker registry in docker, by using the registry:2 image. But this doesn't work for unraid as it is not https, and thus needs to be marked as an insecure registry before docker on unraid will pull images from it. I then tried to create a azure docker registry, this is https, but has credentials, so docker needs to login before it can retrieve images. I don't know where to input these credentials, and i tried ssh'ing into unraid, and doing a "docker login" which works fine, but when i try to make it pull the image in the unraid webUi afterwards, it still doesn't work. How do i push my own images to unraid the easiest way? I skimmed through the docker faq, but found nothing about authentication or private registries. Thanks in advance.