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  1. Hi uldise, pls let me know if this is what you are looking for... if not, what you would need. nas-diagnostics-20171001-0020.zip
  2. I will provide as much information as i can but a confessed noob so please help me out on this with instructions that i could understand. I have a combination of drives that is giving me alot of trouble as it is not showing up on the array setup screen. I have tried to follow instructions from previous responses but without success. 2 SSD drives (Appears in array and is not a problem!) 2 x 2TB brand new seagate drives that are not visible 3 SAS drives that i recycled from an older server and these are not visible either. I am not sure how to get the drives to show up so that i could assign them to an array. Syslog attached as per wiki instructions. syslog.txt