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  1. Unraid is what every software developer should aim for. Ease of use, great UI, functionality, and excellent community support to boot! Special shoutout to Spaceinvaderone! Thank you everyone!
  2. Squid you are amazing. I was just looking up this exact procedure when you posted it. Thanks so much!
  3. Hello, Last evening I had a power outage that shutdown the Unraid server suddenly. The UPS failed and didn't keep it powered on at all. I was initially unable to even boot into the OS until I cleared the CMOS and turned back on the virtualization options. This allowed me to get my VM's back online but the docker service keeps failing to start. I was hoping I could get someones assistance in figuring out a solution. Thanks! darknight-diagnostics-20190603-2242.zip
  4. Hello, FCP reported call traces were found on my server. I searched through the logs myself and found a Call Trace from September 27th but don't know what i'm looking at. If anyone could offer insight, it would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance. darknight-diagnostics-20171008-1619.zip