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  1. Some of them are. But overall, I've still got about 75GB left. I'll try freeing up some more space just in case. Edit: Freeing up more space solved the issue.
  2. I keep getting internal server errors when trying to log in and according to the logs, they all share the same error : General error: 1114 The table 'oc_filecache' is full" Does anyone have an idea how to resolve this? I have tried running occ files:cleanup but it didn't find any orphaned files.
  3. Hey everyone, I just switched from the 5.9.x branch to 'latest' thereby going to version 5.11.39. I have had the controller run perfectly fine on 5.9 for about 6 months but since the update my UAP AC Lite (my only device for now) has been stuck in an "adopting"/"disconnected" loop, like many have had happen to them before me. I have set the controller IP to the server's IP and checked the "override inform host" box. Still no luck. I have reset the AP multiple times and also completely reinstalled the controller twice without any changes. I have made sure to disable "auto optimize" as
  4. That does sound familiar. Would the C2750 (8 core variant of the C2550) be a better choice if I wanted to transcode 2-3 1080p streams at a time or should I look into something that isn't passively cooled (I really like the mobos from ASRock Rack for these CPUs, even though they're quite expensive)
  5. That's what I had feared. Backup idea: Buy 1 or 2 drives now, format them to NTFS and put the first bit of media on there, then buy more drives when the machine gets built. Then create an array with the untouched disks, copy all the stuff from the first 2 disks on there, then format those and add them to the array. That should work, right?
  6. So I'm looking into building an unRAID NAS sometime in the near future but I don't quite have the funds to buy the full system yet. Since I want to use my NAS to collect all my parents DVDs and Blu-rays though (If you're with the FBI: I'm totally not going to do this), I thought I could already start ripping some disks. However, I don't have the capacity to do so until I buy the HDDs for my NAS (WD Red 3TB, if you're interested), so my plan was to buy the drives beforehand, then format them into the correct file system for unRAID (can Windows even detect that?), copy some of my media onto it,