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  1. Hoping iI can get some help. When I start the docker everything loads and it goes through the /watch directory and lists each item as [amc] input: /watch/filename However it doesn't process anything. I am licensed.
  2. Hi all, hoping to get a little assistance with an issue i am experiencing. I've had my unraid box up for a couple of years and haven't really had any issues with it. However the last couple days its become unresponsive a few times and i finally had a chance to sit down and try to figure out what is going on. It appears my cache is read-only as far as i can tell. Doing research points towards the drive being full however the dashboard says is approximently half the drive currently free. I've went in and added another drive and switched to a cache pool and its still read-only. Would be great if i could get a little assistance.. i'm not super unix savvy so bare with me. I'm running on a poweredge server with controller flashed to IT mode. As mentioned its been running for awhile and at times has gone 5-6 months without a reboot.