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  1. This is the first parity check that I have ever 'paused'. I hit 'pause' once at around 30%. Diagnostics attached. tower-diagnostics-20200402-1740.zip
  2. Hello, I have Unraid 6.8.2 with up time of 45+ days. My parity check speed has been: 01 Jan = 145 MB/s 0 error 01 Feb = 147 MB/s 0 error 01 Mar = 147 MB/s 1 error 01 Apr = 314 MB/s 0 error Double speed ! Did Unraid really increase the parity check speed (that much!) or do I have a problem? Thank you
  3. Hi, OK, that seems reasonable. I put the USB drive back into the USB3 port. No OS. I put the USB drive into a different USB2 port and UnRaid booted with a valid license. A parity check started with the array start. I moved to a new USB drive 30 or so days ago. I believe we are permitted one USB drive move per year? Can I have my counter reset so I can move to a new USB drive in the near future? (I know, it could still be the motherboard or the USB drive. USB drives are cheaper to swap out.) Thank you
  4. I didn't buy the USB drive used. It is a new drive I have owned for a year or so. I hardly ever used it. I put this USB drive into UnRaid service about 30 days ago. (Whatever day I recently downloaded a new license from UnRaid). It was working yesterday, then I shutdown, moved it to a USB2 port on the motherboard, and powered up. Error occurred. LimeTech support has requested a screenshot. I expect we will repair the issue soon.
  5. I don't suppose moving the USB flash drive back to the USB3 port will make any difference? blacklisted = no good any more
  6. That did not go well. I shutdown and moved the USB key to a USB 2 port. I booted up and now I get this message: Blacklisted USB Flash GUID This USB Flash boot device has been blacklisted.
  7. Hello I have this message at the top of my screen: "System notifications are disabled. Click here to change notification settings." No "apps" are present on the "Dashboard" tab. On the "Main" tab, go to the folder icon for the USB boot drive, there are zero files and zero directories present. If you enable "System notifications" and click save, the "System notifications" are not enabled. UnRaid GUI shows the USB drive has lots of free space. This happened once about a month ago. I believe I rebooted (sorry I forgot) and the problem went away. I thought it was my USB drive (since it was very old). I swapped in a new USB drive. Diag file attached. What next? Thank you tower-diagnostics-20190515-1939.zip
  8. Party rebuild is finished. All looks good. I have not turned on the VM and Plex yet. Thank you for the help.
  9. Right, no issues. Creating it from new is not an issue. I was just wondering about clean up. Thanks, all is good. About 25% into the parity rebuild. Does a parity rebuild take longer than a parity check?
  10. Ok. Done. Parity rebuild in progress. I have attached a new diags file. Cool. Much easier than the other method I read to remove a disk. There was one share that was exclusive to the 2TB disk. Was going to be for some backups. Do I need to do any clean up since the disk / share are gone? Thank you tower-diagnostics-20190307-1807.zip
  11. This part seems scary --> "reset the array disk configuration so that all disks appear as "New" disks, as if it were a fresh new server." You said "It won't do anything else". Your advice before was high quality. (but that "new disks" sounds a lot like "erased disks") We keep the data right? I don't see "retain all" on New Config screen. To be clear, I should do this: Go to Tools - New Config, Preserve current assignments All. Click "done" Return to "main" tab, Unassign the 2TB disk, then start the array to rebuild parity. Correct?
  12. OK, I hear you. I am not familiar with this action. Dropping the array config seems kind of dangerous. I guess unRaid can handle this. Can you give me a bit more info on what will happen?