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  1. Thanks, Johnnie! I'll try this tonight! Much appreciated. Mike
  2. Hi All, I am running firmware version 6.3.5 and I had a drive get checked with a red x this week. I had just powered the unit on after a move, so I checked and it looks like the drive in question had become unsecured. I secured it and made sure it was plugged in. I have since completed a SMART report and it passed. I've attached the smart report and diagnostics below. By the way, I am pretty new to Unraid, so I apologize in advance for any ignorance. 2 Questions: 1 - Based on the Smart report, am I safe to rebuild the drive? 2 - How do I do this? Any help you can offer is greatly appreciated! Thanks! jarvis-diagnostics-20171112-1858.zip jarvis-smart-20171115-2034.zip