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  1. Hi! I have a project where I need to access the database from another host. ie not the same IP but I am not able to do that... I get an error saying i do not have permission to acess. Even though I have set the database to not only allow the same ip... Could someone help me with this? BR Alfred
  2. Hi! I must have been high on "frustration-fumes" and either done it wrong or just missed it... It worked for me now! I can't thank you enough! I've seen you across the forum and you deserve your "Advanced meber"-rank! Thank you for all you do! Until I reach more problems, Thank you!
  3. Hi! I went thru the post/list that you linked but nothing worked... When I enable SMBv1.0 the server is listen under Network but whan I try to acces any shares it just gives med a error... Can't Access... (0x80070035) What is this even? Never seen or heard before, to me atleast... I mapped some NFS-shares but that speed is not good enough for me. Constantly creating and moving huge files... (+100GB) Edition: Windows 10 Pro Version: 1903 Thank's for quick response!
  4. Hi! I recently reset my personal Win10 machine and now I can't acces the machine. Not accessible via name or ip in the "path"-field. It is fine from any other machine in the network... What I've tried: Restart PC + Server Network set to Private Disable firewall Update NIC + Update Win10 + Update Server (6.6.6) Enable/Disable SMBv1 When I enable SMBv1 the server was found but get a error... "Can't access \\tower" (0x80070035) I have asked a friend who is basically working voluntarily as a IT admin a a medium venue. He has never see
  5. Hi, I can't find the Username and Password to the UI anywhere... Is it the root user of my server? Thanks!
  6. Hi! I'm currently looking for a solution for running a Wordpress website using the aforementioned services (Apache, mariaDB and PHPMyAdmin). I am still new to all of the back-end stuff, it's fun but hard. I would prefer some combination of dockers and not VM's. What dockers do you recommend and how do you configure them to act with eachother inside the OS? I have tried "apache-php" but benn able to interact with my "mariaDB" and insta phpMyAdmin... How do you guys do it? Thanks!
  7. Hi! I was wondering; I have 4 hard drives currently conected to my motherboards On-Board SATA-Controller but I want to move those drives to a LSI 9211-8i in IT-Mode (HBA). Can a just move the drives over and restart th esystem or do I have to do someting in order for this to work? I don't want to lose any data on the drives. What is the best/easyest way to to it? Thank you!