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  1. Just posting a NordVPN possible error fix: I am a NordVPN user and this is my first time configuring DelugeVPN in unRaid. I have followed throughly the Newbie VPN Guide (in binhex - General thread) and have reconfigured the docker several times but, when launching the WebUI, I would always get the "Not connected" error. I noticed that the supervisord.log file was ending with the line: [debug] Waiting for valid IP address from tunnel... And it would hang there indefinitely. A couples lines above that, there was this error: Options error: --keepalive conflicts with --ping, --ping-exit, or --ping-restart. If you use --keepalive, you don't need any of the other --ping directives. Use --help for more information. So opening the server .ovpn file turns out that it defines a couple of parameters, amongst them: ping 15 ping-restart 0 I have deleted those two lines from the .ovpn file and after that DelugeVPN worked as supposed to. Hope I can help someone out there.