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  1. Good point, I completely missed that people were using the LTS tag and not the latest tag
  2. There's your problem When I said export and import I didn't mean backing up your app data folder. If you restore the old appears it will push you back to the old version. From unifi itself there is an export config option. Use this. Still take a backup of your appdata incase everything brakes as a fallback, but that's not the process for upgrading
  3. Have a look on unifi's website for the update path from the version you're at to v5.13. you can't jump from 5.6 to 5.13 in one go. If memory serves there is at least one to go to before changing to the latest .13 tag. Alternatively, backup your config, bin the docker and fire up a new one with latest, before importing your old config
  4. Ok so another update, now been running for over 3 days with the most current docker container, no ram cap and DPI turned off, and my ram is sitting just below 800MB used.
  5. I haven't set a limit yet on mine but turning off DPI has worked well for me. There was still a memory leak somewhere but it's not as bad, I got to 950MB after 5 days. However, I noticed another update yesterday and it's at 705MB after 12 hours running (it started at 709mb) so curious to know what's changed as unifinis still reporting the same controller version (5.13.29) Edit: another hour later and the ram has fallen further to 682MB!?!
  6. I haven't limited mine to 4GB yet, I'll set a cap and turn on DPI later today
  7. Currently up to 765MB so it has grown but would usually be over 1.5GB by now with 31 hours up-time. I'm keeping the DPI off on mine as it's clearly helping but I think it's too soon to call the issue fixed for version 5.13.29 And I'm just using a user script: docker restart unifi
  8. Yeah I get that. Longer term I'll set it higher, I was more meaning for testing to see what it does when it "runs out" of ram. It's not really a workable solution for me to put a cap on the memory of it's going to start causing networking issues and I'll stick with the daily Cron that restarts the docker instead. I'm hoping the DPI has fixed it though as memory has actually gone down in the last hour
  9. I was thinking around 1.5GB as its always been around 1.3GB when I reset it every day
  10. Thanks, I'll set one in the morning if it grows any further over night. I'll try setting it much lower just to see what it does
  11. Nope, don't know what it would do when the caps reached. Also, don't know how to...
  12. See if it stabilises around there? Mine grew quickly to start with but now it's fluctuating between 716 and 722 so I'm going to keep it like this for a few days and see what happens. Not good that it killed the webui though
  13. Looks like it was added in 5.9. Mine shows beta in the unifi app. Not checked the web UI because I can never remember my password
  14. That's what I'm wondering, is it a problem with the USG rather than the controller. I don't remember turning on DPI but I must have done, and being a Beta feature I wouldn't be surprised if this was having issues. Anyone know when DPI was added to unifi? Was it after 5.11?