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  1. Do commercial Radio or TV channels have any legal obligation to archive their content for a certain number if years ? Wish I could go back and see some old TV & radio as how it was when I was a younger. I've got no idea about how radio from, say, 1949 was archived & now available in sites like this! Files/Numbered Series/1949 Christmas Seal Campaign/ If you have a moment, please listen to this Files/Numbered Series/1949 Christmas Seal Campaign/1949 Christmas Seal Campaign 49-12-03 Guest - John Charles Thomas.mp3 and just past 3 minutes, you can hear them talk about TB, the pandemic at that time! I could feel the parallels in messaging, just as it is for the current pandemic. Somebody decided to archive it & somebody decided to keep preserving it, and so now we have those moments, which we can experience!
  2. Came across this on BHphotovideo Screenshots from the video: Video: Sony claims that it would last for a 100 years & does not get "liquid damaged". (From my experience a normal writable disc can also work immediately after a water bath. Will it work after 10 years without the dye getting rotten is a question though) 5.5TB for $180 ! Has anyone come across this ? Reminds me of the days of optical storage & firmware that improve the drive s features & performance! (I searched for ODA in the forum & couldn't find any references to it, hence this post)
  3. I was wondering what would happen if I remove and reconnect the SATA signal cable from one SATA connector to another ? For example, moving the cable which was originally connected to port SATA6G_1, to SATA6G_6, SATA6G_5, to SATA6G_2 Would Unraid get confused after the next power up ? or does Unraid track the disks with their serial number or so & the port or controller where the disks connect do not matter ?
  4. Check this: What I understand is that SeaBIOS does not have a graphical user interface, that we can get into during boot. So you have edit the VM's XML file. It appears like the relevant contents of the XML file, are passed on to SeaBIOS during VM boot.
  5. Check out gnif's out of tree kernel module: Wondering if Unraid would absorb it ...
  6. Not sure if it is news anymore, but happened to hear from wendell@level1techs that AMD has fixed the PCI reset bugs in the Big Navi cards.. Radeon 6800 & 6800XT & they seem to work perfectly out of the box in Ubuntu 20.04 Some enthusiastic quotes:😂 "PCI Express reset, 100% " "My day is perfect! & my excitement is immeasurable!" "For anybody that is super into VFIO the 6800 or the 6800xt, that's your card" "AMD has absolutely completely nailed it !just for the PCIE reset issue & other quality of life improvements" "Best GPU on linux that I have used since the Matrox Millennium 2" 'If having a relatively open GPU, is important to you for the Linux platform, it doesn't get any better than this!" "I have done intentional crashes, I've injected errors into the platform basically, and the card has been able to recover every single time" "It is rock solid!" For those who are stuck with the earlier versions of the cards, gnif@level1techs, has something decent cooking. Like Jesus, gnif, cried to AMD for all of us VFIO-kind & someone from AMD has shown him the light
  7. There is some good news now for the Asus X370 boards!! We've got a new BIOS - Version 5601 - Released on July 27, 2020 🙂 It would be interesting to know if it fixes the PCI passthrough problems
  8. I understand that Asus X370 BIOS version 5220, surely breaks PCI pass-through support for Ryzen 1st gen CPUs. I too made the mistake of updating to BIOS 5220 in an Asus Prime X370 Pro mobo with a Ryzen 1700X & regret it. Going by release schedules, I find that X370 ROG Crosshair mobos, got their " patch b" update on Dec-2019, followed by the update for X370 ROG Strix mobos on Apr-May-2020, after a 4 to 5 month gap, which could mean X370 Prime mobos might get their stable updates by Sep-Oct 2020 in theory. How about Ryzen 2000 & Ryzen 3000 series with an Asus X370 motherboard having BIOS 5220? Is it the same situation with them also with BIOS 5220 ? Do we have any data about that ?
  9. gnif@level1techs is hard at work. The community has supported him along to get some AMD hardware (for PCI passthrough), a Radeon 5700 & now a Radeon VII. Best thing anyone can do is to support him more to make things fast on the AMD VFIO/passthrough side of things
  10. Wow!!! Vega reset fixes !!! Then, 1) Any fixes for the AMD 290(X) series of cards also ? 2) Will voltage, temperature & fan monitoring for AMD Ryzen from the project below also come to Unraid soon ?
  11. Facing this issue in both AMD R9 290X & AMD Vega Frontier Edition (Does anybody else face it on these cards ???) AFAIK, there is only one person who is running behind to fix this : gnif Problem is that he does not have the all the different types of AMD hardware to test 🙁 Donating to him could help!
  12. My situation is such that I would like to have access to the console, irrespective of the status of the network, & my mobo/cpu does not have integrated graphics. Add to the fact that I would like to save power, with whatever hardware I have. Is there some way to know the list of GPUs, supported by Unraid's kernel & default drivers ? I mean, that it at least provides some kind of 2D acceleration for window managers ?
  13. Can anybody confirm if Unraid GUI works fine with the Quadro NVS cards ?
  14. I was wondering if anyone knows about making a BIOS detect & show its the display output on a PCIe x1 Graphics card. What we have here is a Matrox G550 PCIe. When I boot with this, I don't get any error sounds or such. The only observation is that the display shows a blank screen during POST And yes, this GPU has a physical x1 slot One thing I noticed in the BIOS is something like this. the "No VGA Card" comment, shows only for slots that have a physical size of PCIE X16. So, wondering if there is a BIOS limitation, which would only detect & boot GPU cards present in PCIE X16, physically sized slots. Got any ideas ??!!
  15. I was wondering if Unraid, has some kind of support for Quadro NVS GPUs The one in question is this: NVS 315 It has been a while since I tested with this card, but back then, a year before, I remember trying to boot with this card in GUI mode & saw some possibly resolution related issues. I replaced it with a Radeon R9 290X, and all was ok out of the box, but then now, I want to go with the less power hungry NVS card again. Wondering if anybody had any similar observations.🙂