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  1. I love the GUI and ease of use. I would like to see an easier way to reduce the pool size (ie remove a drive).
  2. I'll be going down this route this weekend so I'll report back. The 2600 could be had for around $100 this weekend (assuming the included game value) so I pulled the trigger. I'll be pairing it to a MSI B450 Tomahawk and an old gtx 730. From the looks of things, it seems like a lot of people have it running with no modification. We'll see though.
  3. Hey all, Sorry for my ignorance but after trying to run Unifi from a docker I can't for the life of me figure out how to get out of this disconnected / adopted loop I'm currently experiencing with my USG and AP Lite. They appear in Unifi's device list without any issue but after letting them just sit after initially hitting "adopt" they just disconnect and then go to "adopting" again. I see some of you guys experienced something similar back in March with a new update at the time. I had them previously set up with a Windows version of Unifi and both units were adopted quickly without issue. Server/docker uptime has not been an issue. The only modifications I've made to the docker are the port # due to a conflict. Everything else is pretty standard (USG at, etc.). Am I just totally missing something? Thanks again!
  4. Thanks for the direction, I think these should do the trick. I included the plex debug also. A bit of an update: After restarting the docker another time I was able to watch 2 episodes (progress). On the 3rd I received the following error from plex: "An error occurred trying to play this item. shaka1001 (Network)" Thanks again. docker run command.txt plex debug log.txt
  5. Hi all, Fairly new unraid/plex user here with a bit of an interesting dilemma... I've had the Plex docker running on my server for about 5 months now without a single issue. Playback was great across all my devices and users; completely smooth sailing. That is until yesterday. While watching a standard 30 min episode my steam cut out completely and I received an error saying that "plex could not be reached at this time." This was odd as my server was running just fine, the network was fine, no issues at all. I went ahead and restarted the docker and BAM everything worked great. That is for 1 more episode...then the exact same thing occurred. Plex would not stream a single thing from the library. I then deleted the docker completely (not app data though) and it loaded up one episode perfectly...but then again stopped after that one. This was even the case on my Desktop (using Chrome to view Plex). All plex would do is sit there and spin, no video would ever appear. I would really hate to completely wipe out the docker and the image as everything is configured nicely across my devices and all my users. My server is pretty beefy and I'm nowhere near using it near its full potential. I haven't done any updates within this time period or any notable system changes/edits. I'm pretty lost at the moment. Any advice would be great. Thanks!